8 Ways to Leverage TikTok Ads for Mobile Game Marketing

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Are you a game marketer wanting to get your mobile game in front of a larger audience using TikTok ads?

If yes! TikTok will undoubtedly help you achieve your goal. TikTok, the fastly evolving social media site, is regarded as an ideal promotional tool because of its vast user base. TikTok has 1+ billion active users and is the most downloaded app. In addition, game marketers are highly likely to benefit from TikTok because game enthusiasts on TikTok love consuming content related to gaming.

Interestingly, TikTok has introduced a platform called TikTok Ads for advertising. TikTok ads help businesses promote their brands and services effectively. Game marketers also leverage Tikviral to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Considering the user size of TikTok, marketers succeed in achieving good reach and driving traffic to their Steam page and app stores.Now that we know a little about TikTok ads and how it helps brands, let’s understand how TikTok ads help advertise mobile games.

Benefits of TikTok Ads in Advertising Mobile Games

TikTok ads can be helpful to direct users to websites and pages in the app stores and also aids in the promotion of hashtag challenges. TikTok ads also help you find the right target audience. The other significant benefits you will be able to reap using TikTok ads are as follows:

  • Helps Reach a Bigger Audience: Tiktok ads allows marketers to reach a wider audience as TikTok has a considerable user base. The impression rate of your ads will also be higher on TikTok when compared to other platforms. Make your ads creative, engaging, and attractive to attract and win many players for your mobile game.
  • TikTok Ads Are Budget-Friendly: Advertising on TikTok is cost-effective  when compared to other forms of advertisement. The cost per click on TikTok is reasonable. Marketers also buy tiktok likes to get more people to watch their promotional videos. The more your audience entirely watches your video, the more likely it is for TikTok to feature it on the FYP.
  • Helps Build a Strong Brand Community: Creating a community of interested audiences is possible using TikTok. Creating and posting content that adds value to your audience will help immensely. For example, you can post videos showcasing the work that you do in your gaming studio. Such content increases credibility. Credibility is a crucial aspect of winning the trust and loyalty of your target audience.
  • Helps Marketers Gain Content Ideas: TikTok enables game marketers to get ideas for their content and keep up with the trends. It allows marketers to view the content of other marketers and get ideas to make their ads stand out. 

Type of Paid Ads Brands Use on TikTok

Paid ads on TikTok help brands reach the right target audience.The three significant forms of paid advertisements that brands prefer are as follows:

  • In-Feed Ads: In-feed ads are advertisements that TikTok users get to see between other TikTok users’ videos on the For You Page. Add a CTA to drive your audience to your Steam page and app stores.
  • Brand Takeovers: These are the full-screen advertisements you see when you open your TikTok account. Brand Takeover ads consist of a 3-second still image and a Call to action.
  • Spark Ads: Spark ads utilize your existing TikTok videos that perform well for promotional purposes.

8 Effective Ways to Create Attractive TikTok Ads for Your Mobile Game Marketing

TikTok ads help a great deal in promoting your brand and its offerings well. To persuade your audience to download or buy your game, here are eight practical ways you can try to enhance your TikTok ads:

  1. Keep Your Ads Short and Precise: Many TikTok users quickly jump from one video to another. Hence, to get them to watch your video, keep it brief. Using powerful hooks in the first 3 seconds of the video will get them to watch the entire video. Use powerful hooks like ” Please watch the entire video to know some secrets to earn more rewards in this game.”
  1. Be Persuasive: Ensure to incorporate convincing language in your promotional videos. Being persuasive attracts the attention of the gaming audience on TikTok and encourages them to buy your game. For Ex: You can talk about the early bird offer you have introduced and the extra benefits your customers will get when they buy your game.
  1. Add Enticing Visuals: Anything that is visually pleasing grabs the eyeballs of your audience. Ensure to showcase small footage or a trailer of a game which  you intend to launch shortly. Footage can include the addition of new features, characters, or rewards. These elements arouse the user’s interest and curiosity.
  1. Add a Call to Action: Including a call to action is very important. CTA’s can help increase the traffic of your Steam page or if you want your audience to visit app stores to buy or download your game. Adding CTA’s in the video description is an excellent practice. A CTA can be like adding the link to your Steam page in the video description area.

5. Utilize User-Generated Content: Posting feedback and reviews of gamers who have played your game would be very beneficial. Research states that the input of customers related to a particular product or service holds more value than what brands have to say. Therefore, user-generated content is highly effective in influencing people’s buying decisions.

6. Include Hashtags: Using hashtags helps your audience find your brand’s content.   Ensure to use niche-specific hashtags. TikTok recommends users to use a maximum of 6 hashtags. To know what hashtags to use, you can view your competitor’s content that performs well to get hashtags ideas. TikTok marketers also take advantage of Trollishly as it helps boost brand and content discoverability. Brand discoverability helps boost awareness and engagement as well.

7. Collaborate With Influencers: Working with an influencer with a vast following   helps promote your mobile game successfully. In addition, it helps in reaching a larger audience. For influencer marketing to be a massive hit, find an influencer who belongs to the gaming arena. Ensure the influencer has the skills and knowledge to promote your games and other services.

8. Track the Performance of Your Ad: Once your TikTok ads go live, monitoring your ads performance is very important. It reveals the areas you are good at and need to focus on. Accordingly, making the necessary adjustments will enable you to run your ad campaigns successfully.

Wrapping Up

Research suggests that Gen Zers and millennials enjoy gaming as it helps to entertain themselves and socialize with other gamers. Gen Zers and the millennial crowd use TikTok excessively. Hence, incorporating the strategies we have shared in this article and taking full advantage of TikTok ads will fuel your promotional efforts.

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