Is OnPassive Business a Scam?

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OnPassive Business is a marketing platform powered by artificial intelligence. While the company claims it’s not a MLM, it does not have an official compensation plan or income disclosure. Is it a scam? If you want to earn money with OnPassive, you need to learn more about the opportunity before you start. You should be aware that many of the products and services sold by the company are of low quality and very expensive.

OnPassive Business is an artificial intelligence-powered marketing platform

OnPassive is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company that uses artificial intelligence to automate various business processes. While the company is still in its pre-launch phase, it is promising to offer a number of benefits to online marketers. For one, it has an affiliate program, which pays members for referring new members and recruiting them into the company. Furthermore, the company offers a host of marketing tools that will help members generate traffic from their own website.

ONPASSIVE has a full-fledged corporation and a team of highly skilled online professionals. Its corporate headquarters is in India and USA, where its main operations are based. The company is currently developing a series of proprietary online tools and services that aim to create a range of business opportunities. Eventually, these tools and services are expected to develop into a full-fledged platform and will be marketed independently.

It is not an MLM

OnPassive, also known as GoFounders, is an MLM company that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses grow. It was founded in 2018 and is still in its pre-launch stage. The company does not have retail products and mainly offers advertising credits to its affiliate members. While it looks like a legitimate MLM company, it does not have a retail product and serves no good purpose. Instead, it uses artificial intelligence to automate many business processes and aims to increase its profitability.

The founder of Onpassive is Ash Mufareh. He has previous experience with MLM companies such as PayDiamond and AshMax. These businesses failed and Ash Mufareh moved on to other companies. In 2014, he was involved with TelexFree, an internet phone service that was shut down by the SEC. Afterwards, he joined PayDiamond. This company was also shut down by the SEC and Mufareh founded Onpassive. In addition to this, Onpassive does not sell products and focuses on recruiting affiliates.

It does not have an official compensation plan

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing company with a matrix business model. Those who join the company can earn commissions from recruits by signing up as members. The matrix begins with three branches, and as more people join, the branches expand outward. When the matrix is full, you earn commissions directly from recruits. Depending on how much you want to earn each month, you can enroll in the $25 minimum or $500 premium packages.

OnPassive was founded in 2018 and claims to operate in over 216 countries. It claims to offer smart business solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company is headquartered in Orlando, USA, with two India offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. It plans to launch 50-60 digital products, as well as provide internet solutions. Currently, there is no official compensation plan. However, Ash Mufareh, the company’s CEO, explains that he is not a compensation plan guru.

It does not have an income disclosure

OnPassive is a multi-level marketing opportunity. It offers training through an online workshop or in-person information session. However, it does not disclose its income or compensation plans. The company does not have any licenses or approvals for business operations in Bhutan. Additionally, the site does not have an income disclosure, a major concern for investors. Nevertheless, it still has a promising business model that can be very lucrative if used properly.

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