Best Ways to Earn Money with Ludo Online Games

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Have you ever thought of a game that makes you earn and the excitement remains unmatchable? If you have the desire to turn your time pass into an ideal mode of earning cash then ludo can be an amazing alternative for you. WinZo gives you a chance to turn your passion for the game into an opportunity where you can invest your time and make money. If you find it interesting then continue reading to know all about earning money with ludo online games.

How Ludo makes you earn money

WinZo offers a safe and reliable platform where gamers from across the country play their favorite game and win cash rewards with each win. You might be thinking about how it works. Whenever you play a game on WinZo, you get a chance to opt between a free or paid boot.

If you wish to indulge in cash-based games then you can choose for paid boot and here you can start with a minimum of ₹2. However, the reward money entirely depends upon which boot you chose to proceed with. Kindly note that if you are playing a free boot, you don’t win any reward for winning that challenge.

Ludo has been a favorite game for many but have you ever thought of what makes it an ideal alternative to earn cash? Here are some points that makes this vibrant board game an interesting alternative to earn money:

  • Unlike other games, ludo is non-addictive and you can choose your daily playing hours.
  • As you have known the game since your childhood, it’s easy to win it. You just need to be regular and even choose to take practices before facing opponents.
  • The colorful setup never lets you feel bored.
  • It can be played anywhere and anytime. You just need a smartphone and uninterrupted internet connectivity.
  • The game can be easily downloaded on your phone and you don’t need the classic board, tokens, dice, etc.
  • You get a chance to challenge expert players and strangers and purvey your maneuver of playing your favorite game in your way.

How to play ludo games online?

Playing ludo online is quite similar to the manner you used to do in an offline mode. Rolling the dice, moving your respective tokens according to the number rolled over it, reaching home, cutting your opponent’s tokens, etc. Though, it’s a bit simple now as you play it online. The following are the points that will give you a broader understanding on playing ludo online game:

  • As you enter the game room, you will see that you have one to three challengers. Each player gets a corner and represents a color denoted to that corner.
  • Your all four tokens will be residing on the first step, instead of the yard and you don’t need to roll a six or one to open them. Whatever is displayed on the dice during your turn, you can plan moves accordingly.
  • Let your challengers take their chances. Once it’s your turn, tap on the dice to roll. A number between 1 to 6 will be displayed on it. Choose the token that you want to move and proceed towards the home of your respective color.
  • Take your opponent’s token whenever possible. This help in weakening their game and provide you a upper hand. You also get an additional chance when you take other’s token.

For those looking for a ludo download, WinZo is one of the most reliable gaming platform in India where you can play your favourite game and win cash rewards. You also get chances to participate in mega challenges and championships.

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