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The game in which you get love into the other world anime girls and enjoy supporting them for various troubles in the presence of countless resources is the ghost girlfriend apk. It is the noted simulation game for android mobiles that you can play for free.

There are lots of games on the internet, with different content, but my ghost girlfriend is the game that enhances love feeling in a unique environment. The content of the game revolves around the schoolboy and three beautiful girls.

In the game, you play the role of a school boy who moves to the studies in the school. And there you find the fascinating changes in the hostel room. The game includes different components for completing exclusive tasks.

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About my ghost girlfriend apk

This is the game about three ghost anime girls having individual traits and the boy in the hostel room that get connected accidentally. The game involves you in its exciting story with lots of free features.

The control system of the game is simpler and based on the fascinating graphic with standard visual effects. When we talk about the gameplay it is engaging with different turns. The player remains in between three ghost girls having individual sad stories about when they were alive.

The role of the player is to help these girls in going back to their world. The name of these three girls are Natasha, Tahlia, and Laura .player get leisurely playing the game more because these girls have unique characteristics that make your playing addictive.

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Step into the hostel room and enjoy spending time with ghost girls with getting lots of thrill while playing the ghost girlfriend apk game on your android phone. This is the game that kills your spare time while entertaining you with unique character ghost girls.

The gameplay is full of charm because you dreamily find him. The Player went into the hostel where he get connected with three anime girls. These girls represent the old Japanese culture and look pretty to each other.

These girls have specific stories about when they were alive, therefore after becoming ghosts behave in that way. When we talk about the anime girl Laura she is an emotional girl, and tahila is always in a revenge mood because she is killed by a man.

And Natasha looks store from the outside, while she is also weak from the inside and so emotional. The player supports these girls in coming back to their home world and enjoys knowing about their unique stories.


  • Engaging gameplay

The main advantage of the game is its engaging gameplay. Means you never get bored while playing the game. Because in each level you get an interesting task for performing.

  • Unique traits of ghost girls

The other feature of the game that you can avail yourself of is the unique traits of ghost girls that engages you in game play individually.

Fascinating graphics

Game-based on fascinating graphics that exactly match the content of the game. So you can enjoy the game in your way as want.


My ghost girlfriend apk is a famous android game that interacts with three pretty ghost girls in the presence of lots of excitement. You can download this game on your Smartphone without paying any charges. In the game, you control the schoolboy character for completing the supporting mission of ghost girls. We hope you like the game.

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