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Thanks to the Facebook Friends Mapper Apk, users can now see all the info they shared on their Facebook pages. Messages, images, and other stuff can be restricted in Facebook privacy settings.

Probably a lot of you have classified your colleague’s information. But that’s not enough. We need more. Recently, a new Chrome extension came out that shows your friends your secret friends list. My experience with this tool revealed that the “Just M” solution no longer worked to keep your friend’s secret. You may also like Instagram Mod Apk.

How Facebook Friends Mapper Apk Extension works on Chrome

Using Facebook’s Friends Mapper Chrome extension, you can fool Facebook mutual friendship and secretly lookup friends of your friends.

Imagine your friend doesn’t share their list of friends, but they have a few. I’m not on his friend’s list for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. THN writes, “Wefriend’sshare stuff with the audience, like his friend’s list on Facebook. I at least have a friend in common with him.

Facebook Friend Mapper

  • You can download the Facebook Buddies Mapper Chrome extension from the Google Chrome Store.
  • Just add it to your browser.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Just open the profile you want to look at.
  • If you click on a person’s profile, you can reveal their friends.
  • Press the extension, and it finds their friends for you.
  • A list of their friends will appear soon.
  • Once it’s done, you’ll be able to see all your friends in your profile.

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Is Mapper safe on Facebook?

However, a new Free Chrome extension called Facebook Friends Mapper may disclose much more than two friends in one click, posing significant security and privacy risk.

Is Mapper still in existence with Facebook friends?

You can install Facebook Friends Mapper for Chrome. If you want to keep your friend list secret.

Where is my friend’s map on Facebook?

Once you link your Facebook account to Where My Friends, the program detects your friend’s whereabouts and maps them, you can hover or click any of the pins on the Google map to see all of your friends.

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