What Is Chainlink (LINK) and Where to Trade Link?

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Hundreds of cryptocurrencies are on the market, and beginners find it difficult to choose and buy good ones. How to choose a good digital asset that will benefit you in the future? What factors should you take into account? In this article, we look at these questions and take a brief look at the Chainlink project and Chain Link crypto price.

Assets Pick

When selecting an investment project, the following factors should be taken into account.

  1. What is the nature of the project, and what are its benefits? Is there a particular technology that will benefit the sector?
  2. Who are the project creators, and what have they achieved so far?
  3. Who are the sponsors, supporters and partners of the project? Maybe some well-known early investors and advisors?
  4. What are the asset’s price, market capitalization and trading volume? Is there a demand for the asset?
  5. What do the cryptocurrency charts look like? How have the asset prices responded to various market fluctuations?

One of the essential points is the underlying technology of the crypto asset. Currencies such as BTC, SOL, and ETH are gaining popularity and application worldwide due to their rich technical content. However, less-known coins also deserve our attention, especially when they bring benefits to the real sector. 


This blockchain connects real-world businesses and cryptocurrencies through a decentralized platform. Chainlink allows real-world companies to connect their businesses through contracts with popular blockchains such as Solana and Ethereum. The Chainlink platform securely stores information and provides automated smart contracts for real-world businesses.

In November 2022, the Link coin price ranged between $8.14 and $5.74. Analysts expect the token price to rise to $101 in 2028. As the cryptocurrency market is in decline, this could be a good time to buy cryptocurrencies and hold them long-term. However, to make the right decision, you need to analyze the prospects of the project itself and assess the risks associated with the investment.

You can check the Chainlink live price and purchase this asset on the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency platform for long-term holding and daily trading.

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