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Your life can come to a sudden halt after an unfortunate accident. Regardless of whether it was a car accident in Tucson or a freak slip & fall mishap, you need to focus on your recovery and medical care. You also need someone who can work on your claim and focus on recovering a settlement from the at-fault party. Filing an injury claim can be confusing, which is why hiring a lawyer is certainly relevant, especially to learn more about your rights. In this post, we are sharing blunders you must avoid when hiring an injury lawyer.

  1. Not insisting on a consultation session: You don’t need to pay anything to meet a lawyer and talk about the case. Many law firms in Tucson don’t charge anything for a consultation session, and you can get answers to all pertinent questions.
  2. Not sharing all details: If you were also at fault for the accident, your lawyer needs to know that. An attorney can only help you when you are transparent and honest with them from day one. Ensure that you share all details when you meet for the first time.
  3. Not discussing the fee: An injury lawyer will not ask for a retainer fee. Instead, they will demand a share of your final compensation. Depending on the case, you may pay anywhere between 25% to 35% as the lawyer’s fee, but if the matter is likely to go to trial, the percentage may go higher up to 40%. Make sure that you are aware of these aspects.
  4. Not asking about the lawyer’s work: From some of their recent cases and settlements to their experience with accident claims, you should enquire about the lawyer’s profile. There is no harm in asking for references or trying to know their expertise better. You need someone who has worked on cases with similar circumstances.
  5. Not discussing communication: It can take months to recover a settlement for injury claims, but at the least, you should have access to the attorney’s office. Ask the attorney how often you can get updates and whether they will be in touch over calls and emails. Many law firms have a dedicated team to handle client queries.

In conclusion

There is nothing like having a trusted attorney who will fight for your rights and compensation. Don’t step back from interviewing lawyers in person and talking about the concerns you have, especially when you are also at fault.

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