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       We have played games since our childhood. Games teach us lots of things that we use in our adult life. With technological progress games become, even more, they attract us, let us forget about our daily problems, and change our environment even for a short period of time. We can test lots of our skills in-game and we can obtain some new ones. We also can feel different feelings like fear, happiness, and sorrow. If you want to gain some adrenaline, join India bet app and we are going to share some news from the gaming world. 

Diablo Immortal

       The amazing game Diablo Immortal can’t quit with its problems. In order, they gain more and more. We are going to discuss here the Maxroll team developers that have deleted the whole section from Diablo dedicated to mechanics and construction buildings. You can also check mini militia play online.

       The Maxroll team was taking a giant part in alpha and beta testing and provided lots of positives and negatives in order to develop the game. The team enjoys all the franchises of the game starting from Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and made lots of work to complete and provide the customers with an amazing product that would never be forgotten. Their main goal was to attract new players and unfortunately, with huge sorrow, they have decided to close the department Diablo on their website. The main reason for that has become the game’s release. According to the Maxroll team, during the test versions, there was no pay-to-win system that obviously destroyed the game. 

       It is not easy to part with something that you have invested a lot of time in. However, Maxroll feels responsible for the games we choose to support and the types of games we want to see. Maxroll exists to provide services to members of our community. Therefore, the team cannot continue to cover this game in good faith.

       That was a difficult choice for the team as they wasted more than 10000 hours in the game. Hope there will be some future alternatives in order to keep the game alive. 

 Marvel’s Avengers

    Marvel’s Avengers lead designer Brian Waggoner made a response on Twitter about the new heroes of Marvel. The fans noticed that the new hero only looked different from Thor but all the main skills remain the same. Waggoner said that the next hero will be completely new both externally and mechanically. He also added that Marvel’s Avengers will get a bunch more new characters and stories in the future.

    At the end of April, the developer from Crystal Dynamics said that the studio did not have a clear plan to support the game for the next six months, and there was no strategy for what could theoretically appear in the future, although there were ideas before. Perhaps plans have changed. 

 New Protection System from Denuvo

   The owners of the Denuvo, Irdeto company, have announced the creation of a new protection system. The system will protect the DLC version of the game from piracy, according to their announcement. 

  Denuvo SecureDLC is the first system that protects DLCs on the market. The solution was done so that the owners were able to gain more profit from sales and the clients would be pleased that the products would be secured.

   Unfortunately, Irdeto didn’t provide the list of studios that would be interested in using their security system. But we guess it is about the developers who are using Denuvo in their games. Moreover, the desire for a DLC protecting system can interest the companies that provide lots of different upgrades to their games. 

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