Why Kansa Dinner Set Should Be Preferred While Buying The Perfect Dinner Set?

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Science and technology have had profound effects on the way they eat now that we’re living in the modern period. Cancer, heart attacks, hypertension, diabetes, etc., are only some of the fatal illnesses linked to the widespread use of plastics, which have nearly become an integral part of their daily lives. As more people become aware of the need to reduce their use of disposable plastic products, switching to a kansa dinner set could be a healthy choice. Ever since the Samhita Kala era, people have been using Kansa dinnerware, and it has made a great difference in their lives.

  • Kansa, what is it

The Indian word for bell metal, pure kansa utensils, is bronze. Having been forged from a mixture of 78 percent Copper and 22 percent Tin at temperatures of 700 degrees Celsius, Kansa is a metal of unparalleled superiority. The resulting alloy is a flexible metal that can be shaped into handcrafted items and given a variety of finishes (matte or glossy) to suit individual tastes. The daily routine of eating and drinking in Kansa is thought to improve digestive health.

  • Why the name Kansa?

Copper and brass can cause toxic reactions when exposed to acids found in salt and lemon. As a result, you shouldn’t use them for food preparation or consumption. Kansa, also known as kansa dinner set bronze, is the greatest metal to use when eating or cooking because it does not react with acidic foods.

  • The value of kansa

Kansa utensils and plates are said to have healing properties, as described in the Ayurvedic text Prakasha.

1. The digestive tract is the foundation of overall health, and Kansa alloy helps by alkalizing and purifying the food.

2. Even Ayurvedic doctors promote Kansa for its holistic healing, stress-reducing, and purifying properties due to its exceptional health properties. Kansa’s antimicrobial properties make it a clean metal to work with.

3. The Sanskrit phrase Kansyam Buddhivardhakam (which translates as kansa dinner set sharpens their intellect and pays honour to its medicinal qualities”) extols the benefits of pure Kansa. Consistent use has been shown to boost immunity and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases.

  • When do one see results

1. Holistic healing is facilitated by the improvement of gastrointestinal health, immunity, emotional well-being, and physical performance.

2. Water held in kansa utensils for at least 8 hours has the power to positively charge water for balancing the three doshas present in the body.

3. In Kansa, water doesn’t go stale as it would in other storage systems. The metal is also useful in the fight against water-related illnesses.

4. Copper’s anti-convulsant and brain-stimulating qualities are well-documented.

5. Thyroid glands work best when supplied with adequate amounts of copper trace metals, which can be regulated by using copper utensils for drinking and eating.

6. Maximum health advantages are obtained by regular use. Copper’s benefits extend beyond just lowering inflammation and raising haemoglobin levels.

7. Important therapeutic and healing powers are transferred to whatever is stored in it, be it food or water.

8. Copper’s anti-inflammatory qualities make it effective against arthritic pain and muscle soreness.

9. Copper is essential for the synthesis of melanin, which promotes skin health and delays the aging process.

10. Copper aids in the metabolism of fat, which in turn aids in weight loss.

11. Controlling blood pressure is just one of the many ways that it benefits heart health and helps combat anaemia.


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