What Does It Take to Become a Live Casino Dealer?

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There are a few things that could prompt you to join the live casino industry. Maybe you visited https://verdecasino.com/en/category/live-casino and liked their services. Or, it could be that you have a passion for casino gaming or a desire to engage people in conversations. Can this passion help you join a career where you engage people from different cultures and backgrounds?

Becoming a live casino dealer could be a career path for you. However, there are several other factors you need to consider before diving in too fast. Some of these factors and conditions vary depending on your location.

What It Takes to Become a Live Casino Dealer – Qualifications

The most important thing you must have is personality. You must be able to bring certain traits to the table – quite literally – to qualify as a live casino dealer.

Two of the most important traits are socialization and communication skills. These traits ensure you are delivering customer service and can perform exemplary while ensuring the energy and mood of the table remain high.

The ability to express yourself in writing is also a must-have skill, especially if you will be managing online games. If you are working with other dealers and staff, you may also have to demonstrate teamwork skills.

Additionally, there are personal skills that you may have to develop if you are not already strong in such areas.

For example, you must be able to make fast decisions, concentrate for long hours, and multitask. You must also have a few card tricks hidden up your sleeve. This is especially true if you look to become a blackjack, baccarat, poker, and other card game.

You must also be confident and can diffuse or handle tricky situations. Such include scenarios where a player has quickly lost his/her money and is causing a fuss. The ability to keep a level head, be polite and remain firm in your decision is something you must possess or work towards achieving it. This is the only way you can handle such a player.


If your ideal working hours are between 8 and 5 PM, life serving as a casino dealer may not fit you. However, if you don’t mind variety in your schedule and don’t need routine, then the life of a casino dealer may just be right for you.

Most casinos, online and classic brick-and-mortar establishments are open 24 hours a day. This means your schedule as a dealer will vary widely.

In the traditional casino setting, the hours you put in may be unpredictable and tiring. However, the work conditions may be very comfortable depending on the brand you are working for. Some of the land-based casinos offer dealer dining rooms, very clean working conditions, and a pleasant work atmosphere.

You can also enjoy the same conditions if you work for an online casino site. Many top live dealer software providers have on-site dining sections, game sections, and lounges where you can unwind for a few minutes as you take breaks between your shifts.

Getting Started as a Casino Dealer

In addition to getting some of the qualifications above, you will have to learn the ins and outs of the games you will be dealing. Some of the casinos offer you courses as a dealer.

The initial stages of the game will focus more on the basic mechanics behind the game. This includes basics such as cutting chips, shuffling, and dealing cards. Only after you have perfected the basics do you proceed to learn the rules of the game.

After mastering the rules, you will have to progress to the audition stage. This is an important stage of your training, as there is nothing more embarrassing for a dealer than misleading players.

If you are playing alongside your friends in your dining room, you can laugh it off if the card tumbles from your hand and land face-up at the center of your table. This, however, is not expected and allowed from a licensed and professional dealer, especially when working for a renowned brand.

Completing the Process

Training to become a dealer makes a positive and comprehensive start. However, it is crucial you finish strongly. Having the ability to calculate losses and win and to count chips is vital. This is especially important in a game of roulette, where there are hundreds of bets to be placed across a wide selection of odds.

If you feel you are ready to start your training process, you will have to find a local school near you. You can contact the live dealer casino you intend to work for and ask about the best place to get training. If it’s too far away from you, you can always walk into one of the brick-and-mortar casinos and ask them for help on where to get training as a live casino dealer.

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