Scope of the Video Game Industry in Italy 

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Video games are papular among the old and young generations. People from different fields of life like to play games to refresh their minds. Once video games were an indoor activity but now due to mobile proliferation, people can play video games on the go.

They prefer to download games that are in their native language. Therefore if you are in the gaming industry and want to release video games in foreign markets then gaming translation services can be of great help to you. 

Italian Gaming Industry 

Italy holds the 10th position in the gaming market and its worth is $1.8 billion. Many countries are earning billions of dollars from the gaming industry. You will be surprised to know that despite its 10th position in the gaming market, Italy is not producing new games. According to a rough estimate, 26 million people in Italy play video games. 

The economy and culture of Italy have a significant influence on shaping the behavior of gamers. Small gaming studios are present in Italy. Therefore, for game developers, the Italian market possesses many opportunities.

 Game developers can fill the gap by opening big gaming studios in Italy. After developing the game, they must go for Italian translation services to make games accessible to the Italian target market. The video gaming culture of Italy is very trendy. Italian people like to play games that have a more net worth.

 In addition to it, many Italian people go for big franchises like Call of Duty and FIFA. This does not mean that all Italians play sports games. Most Italian gamers consider gaming entertainment, not an obsession. The idea of people that games are the only source of entertainment is considered absurd.  The top papular games played in Italy are Minecraft, Dragon Balls, FIFA, and GTA. 

Game Localization in Italy 

The game localization process in Italy faces the same challenges that game developers face. Cultural nuance is not a big issue. You must be wondering if there is no cultural issue then why the gaming industry is not flourishing in Italy with the availability of translation services. One reason is the unavailability of the required capital. There is no such organization that can take initiative in the gaming industry. Secondly, investors are reluctant in investing in gaming companies because they find other markets more lucrative. The developers in Italy don’t raise funds because they know that renowned gaming companies are already working in Europe. 

 The Italian gaming industry is restricted to certain hotspots. Therefore they are not spread all over the country.  Do you know that the six countries where most of the developers reside are Poland, Sweden, France, Spain, Australia, and the Netherlands?  The game developers don’t want to start in new countries, rather they open their shops beside already established game developers. 

According to the rules, the studios of the games should be in Stockholm despite Naples because the city of Stockholm is a location of renowned names such as Dice Avalanche Studios and many more. The Italian gaming industry works differently from other nations. Italy takes the Gaming industry as a form of art whereas the UK follows an industrialized approach to the gaming industry. This shows that Italian developers don’t go for big gaming projects rather they preferred smaller independent titles. 

Best Game Development Companies in Italy  

Italy can reach gaming success like other European States. At the start, Italy cannot have big studios. However, 505 Games can play a significant role. The famous game publisher in Italy is in Milan. It has produced state-of-the-art games like Control Payday, Death Stranding, and Tarraria number sky.

The Digital Bros and 505 games have captured 50% of the Italian market. This shows that Italian developers can create new games. This is why some Italian investors are investing in the market to establish themselves. 

505 games industry has the highest-rated titles so investment in the gaming industry can be made in Milan but for this, they require the assistance of a gaming translation company. 3d Clouds is another game developer and video games firm that made a name in racing games. The young talented and enthusiastic people are running this company. The headquarter of this company is in Milan. This company is developing and improving with time. The important thing to note is that they are developing games both for PCs as well as consoles. 

Wrapping Up 

The Italian gaming market can provide game developers with many opportunities as there is no big game studio present there.  Foreign developers can tap into the Italian gaming market but to release games in the Italian market, they have to take the assistance of a translation company. Mars Translation is a state-of-the-art translation agency. The native translators at Mars understand the demographics of avid Italian gamers. 

Therefore they provide robust game translation and localization services so that you can easily penetrate the Italian gaming market. It is expected that the gaming industry will generate 90 billion dollars at the end of the decade. People usually invest and tap into big markets. You can invest and tap into the Italian market to make the most out of available opportunities and fill the gap. 

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