Tips to Find China Wholesale Clothing

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When looking for clothes wholesale china, there are a few tips to keep in mind. First of all, Chinese manufacturers usually allow price negotiation. While they will require a down payment, you can pay the rest once the items are ready for shipment. It is very important to pay a down payment because vendors will not look at your order if you do not provide a down payment. In addition, if you do not receive the goods, you cannot claim your money back.


There are a lot of options when looking for china wholesale clothing. The Hong Kong market is famous for its wide range of products and low prices. You can find all types of wholesale clothing and accessories in this market. The prices here are also very low, so you can easily afford it.

FondMart is a large market that specializes in many different clothing brands. The market features clothing for both men and women and is home to thousands of manufacturers. You’ll find everything from leisure suits to sweaters and fur coats.

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You can also check out Baima market for clothing. The Baima market is the largest single market in Guangzhou, and it is located just opposite the railway station. Most clothes sold in Guangzhou’s Baima market are of high quality and very fashionable. You’ll find big name brands as well as small workshops.

Baima wholesale market

If you want to find wholesale clothing in China, it is recommended that you visit Baima wholesale market. There are many types of wholesale clothing available at the market. You can find clothing for men and women, as well as Tang Costume. The prices are low, which makes it a good place to buy wholesale clothing.

The Guangzhou Baima wholesale market is home to many fashion garment suppliers. These suppliers usually have their own design teams that constantly launch new collections to match fashion trends. These suppliers will resell their products to the wholesale clothing markets in other Chinese first-tier cities. Most of these suppliers have their own labels and logos and sell their products in department stores.

The Baima wholesale clothing market is located near the Old Canton Fair and Guangzhou Railway Station. It attracts a wide range of international clients. The market focuses on women’s clothing, especially older women’s clothing. The market offers high-end clothing at an affordable price. It has the highest turnover rate of any of Guangzhou’s garment markets.

Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade

If you’re looking for wholesale clothes in Shenzhen, you’ve come to the right place. Century Plaza, also known as South Oil Industrial Park or Century Square, is a huge wholesale market that features numerous stores of all kinds. Many of these stores offer women’s and men’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and western wear, all in bulk quantities. Although most stores sell the same items, prices can vary. It all depends on your bargaining skills and how much you’re willing to pay.

Harbin and Shenyang are the main clothing wholesale markets in Northeast China. Harbin’s Century Plaza has been growing rapidly in recent years. Founded in 1978, the Xiliu market is now one of China’s largest professional wholesale markets. It has a turnover of over 190 billion yuan per year and ranks third in the country.

If you’re looking for high-quality clothes at low prices, Shenzhen wholesale markets are the best places to go. Nearby Nanshan, Shekou district also offers great discount clothing. Century Square is one of the largest and best known markets in Shenzhen, and it’s easy to find clothing with international brands.


It is possible to find great China wholesale clothing at affordable prices if you know where to look. Simplee is one such site that sells hundreds of thousands of products at reasonable prices. The company has several popular brands that offer a wide range of apparel. For example, Berrygo is known for its focus on pastoral style womenswear, offering comfort sundresses and unique floral prints. Their mission is to provide the best quality apparel at the lowest possible price. Bikinx is a unique brand that designs swimsuits with a Euro-American trend. The company aims to provide females with confidence and help them look good.

Another option for buying wholesale clothes from China is to use a sourcing agency. These companies handle all aspects of sourcing and delivery. They have contacts at factories in China, and they can negotiate on your behalf. These companies usually offer good discounts, as they purchase from China wholesale clothing manufacturers directly. This way, there are no middlemen to pay. Furthermore, they do not alter the garments. China is one of the most popular places to buy wholesale clothing, and there are thousands of vendors to choose from.

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