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Electric roasting ovens are versatile kitchen appliances that can be used for the majority of food preparation. They can roast, steam, and bake food, and they keep it warm as well. They’re ideal for catered events, holiday parties, and potluck socials. There are several types available, including 18 and 22 quart models.

Porcelain Cookwell

The Porcelain Cookwell electric roasting and baking oven is an electric cooking appliance. Its porcelain coated interior makes it easy to clean and store. The nonstick coating is very durable and will not scratch easily. The Cookwell is designed to accommodate up to 22 pounds of turkey and uses a powerful 1425-watt, 120-volt motor.

Its lid is removable, making it easy to clean and maintain. It has a full-range temperature control with a dial setting. The removable roasting rack is convenient for easy cleanup and is made of sturdy porcelain enamel.

Hamilton Beach

If you’re looking for a high quality roasting oven that’s easy to use and has a large capacity, look no further than the Hamilton Beach electric roasting oven. This appliance has the capacity to roast up to a 28-pound turkey and has a number of convenient extra features. This roaster includes a lift-out rack and a movable cooking pan for easy cleaning.

The Hamilton Beach electric roasting oven is easy to use, with a removable pan and lift-out rack that makes clean-up a snap. It can also accommodate up to 28 pounds of meat and has self-basting, durable cooking trays. The lid is also removable, and is made from stainless steel with a thick layer of enamel. Because of its durable construction, the Hamilton Beach electric roasting oven is easy to clean and can be washed down with a utility sink. However, it is possible for the metal rack to rust after a long period of use, so keep this in mind when buying this model.


This 18-quart electric roasting oven is a great option for holiday feasts and family meals. Its low price and Underwriters Laboratory Approval certification help make it a good choice. It’s safe for use and comes with a “Hot” Indicator Light that reduces the risk of unintentional burning.

This oven puts out 1450 watts and is designed with a “Circle of Heat” electric element that roasts foods evenly. It also has a self-basting lid that keeps the food moist. It comes in black, red, white, and stainless steel.

Hamilton Beach(r)

The Hamilton Beach(r) Electric Roaster Oven doubles the space of your standard oven and is easy to use. This oven can cook a 28-pound turkey or many other items, including a pot roast, potatoes, and cheesecakes. With its temperature range of 125-450 degrees, this appliance is also a great way to keep your food warm.

Hamilton Beach(r) Oberdome

The Oberdome electric roasting oven is an all-in-one appliance for baking, roasting and cooking. Its domelok heat technology ensures even and consistent cooking temperatures, as well as fast cooking times. The Oberdome is large enough to bake up to a 10-inch pizza, 6 pounds of chicken, bread, cakes, potatoes, and more.

This roaster oven is extremely easy to use and has reversible racks for high and low positions. It also has a stainless steel bottom pan and a convenient pour spout. This model is perfect for roasting, baking, and cooking a variety of other foods, including a whole turkey! It is also incredibly portable and lightweight, weighing only five pounds.

EaZy BrandZ Oberdome

If you’re in the market for an electric roaster oven, then you should consider the EaZy BrandZ Oberdome. This model has a flat bottom and a heated dome. It works well for baking cakes, pizzas, and breads. The design is simple and easy to clean. Another bonus is that the Oberdome uses less space for heating than other roasting ovens.

This electric roasting oven uses domelok heat technology, which means your foods are cooked at a faster rate than usual. This results in more evenly cooked food and faster cooking times. The Oberdome is also capable of baking up to a 10″ pizza, a 6-lb chicken, and a loaf of bread. Its other functions include roasting potatoes and browning bread.

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