Texas & Truck Accidents – Why They Happen 

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Trucks are big and dangerous, especially in Texas. And the reason why more truck accidents occur in Texas than in any other state in the US is that the number of trucks in Texas is massive because of the oil and gas industries.

Unfortunately, when trucks carrying oil and gas get involved in an accident, there is not only the danger of the accident itself. But – potentially, there can be other dangers involved because of the hazardous materials.

Truck accidents in Texas can happen due to the following reasons:

Exhausted Drivers: The oil and gas industries typically work around the clock, meaning truck drivers are constantly on the go. And while the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has set out strict rules regarding the duration of a driver’s work shift, sometimes, the government-set rules get ignored to save more time.

So, when truck drivers work more and don’t rest between shifts, they become overly exhausted, which makes them more prone to mistakes that can then lead to serious accidents.

Drugs & Alcohol: the worst thing that any driver can potentially do is to get behind the wheel when they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. While trucking companies integrate drug testing procedures to prevent intoxicated drivers from getting onto the road, unfortunately, some drivers go undetected.

Sometimes, due to the extensive hours, some drivers use stimulants to stay awake and make it through their shift, which can also lead to reckless driving and reckless behaviors, such as tailgating and speeding,

This aspect perfectly explains why one should never tailgate. If you find our car behind, before, or in between trucks, you will want to leave at least four car lengths between your car and the truck(s) at all times.

The sad fact is that passenger cars are three times more likely to tailgate trucks instead of the trucks tailgating the passenger cars. With that said, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you will want to slow down a bit and not make the mistake of too closely following the truck.

By doing so, you won’t only have to deal with an obstructed view, but you could also make it potentially difficult for the truck drivers to see you. In case of an accident, you might want to get in touch with the Houston trucking accident law firm and ask a professional to take up your case so you can get the due compensation that you are entitled to by the law.

Maintenance Issues: another potential reason that causes frequent truck accidents are issues with fleet maintenance. While trucking companies are required to keep their fleet in the best condition all the time, some companies tend to neglect or postpone their maintenance check because they are too reluctant to spend time and keep their trucks off the roads.

Necessary maintenance checks take time – just like everything else – and this could lead to delays that some trucking companies don’t want to risk.

Potential Distractions: as can happen to any driver – truck or passenger car – sometimes the drivers get distracted. And during that second, the driver takes their eyes off the road – anything can happen – including a nasty accident.

Anyone operating a big truck needs to keep their eyes on the road at all times and not on their phone. Unfortunately, distraction is a serious contributing factor in many trucking accidents – not only in Texas – but also everywhere else.

The Takeaway

So now you know why Texas has more trucking accidents than any other state. If you ever get hurt in an accident, you will want to contact a professional attorney immediately. You might be too injured to make the call, so you can ask a family and friend to make the call so that no evidence is lost and the investigation can begin as soon as possible.

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