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Chrome Hearts is a 150-year-old, Los Angeles-based family business that specializes in jewelry, clothing, and accessories. The brand is known for its signature black, silver, and jewel-toned designs. The brand also emphasizes craftsmanship and authenticity, and it aims to appeal to a diverse clientele. Although the brand is not available online, it can be found in select stores around the world. In fact, the brand has several plans to open flagship stores in the next year, and to build department store shop-in-shops.

The company produces high-end jewelry with a strong gothic influence. The company’s products are expensive, and the brand’s merchandise is often coveted by people willing to travel out of state to purchase its pieces. However, it’s important to remember that the brand is not for everyone. Its designs aren’t for the faint-of-heart; some people can’t afford them, and some are even willing to buy them second-hand online.

Official Chrome Hearts clothing is sold at The brand’s clothes are high-quality and comfortable. These clothes are also available at discounted prices. Official Chrome Hearts t-shirts are made of high-quality fabric and have rock-solid printing. There are many styles available at this online store, and you can choose from a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles.

In the first few years, Chrome Hearts has been a family affair. While Stark focuses on the retail side, Laurie Lynn concentrates on the fashion side of the business. She introduced the company’s best-selling sunglasses line, and even launched an annual fashion magazine. This grew its reputation and recognition in the fashion world. In 1992, the company was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers America’s “Best Accessories Designer” award. The brand even chose Cher as its celebrity representative.

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