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The name of the strategy comes from the name of Jean-Baptiste le Rond d’Alembert, a French mathematician who lived in the 18th century. The strategy he developed for sports betting is a mild form of catch-up and is a less extreme martingale system that requires you to double your bet when you lose and reduce it when you win.

The principle of the d’Alembert betting system

Like many other strategies that are used today for sports betting, the system was originally developed for playing in a live casino sg. D’Alembert’s task was to develop a betting method that would give the player a clear advantage over the house. A dealer in a casino is different from a bookmaker, but this does not prevent the strategy from being effective. Like any other betting scheme, the strategy must be thoroughly tested. To do this, you can Linebet download the application using the link. The application is easy to use, so it is suitable even for beginners in the world of sports betting.

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To use the linebet app, the player does not need to have a detailed understanding of how sports betting works. It is enough to choose a simple and understandable strategy. These include the d’Alembert method, which allows you to abandon the long analysis and comparison of the chances of passing various outcomes. It is enough for the player to follow the strategy and understand the basic rules of the chosen sport.

Putting the d’Alembert strategy into practice

The algorithm of this method is as follows. The client needs to determine the amount of the Linebet bet, which is usually up to 5 percent of the deposit amount. Next, you need to place a bet and wait for the result. If the bet has not been played, then you should increase the bet by its size. For example, a player bet 2 percent of the deposit and lost. So the next rate will be 4 percent, then 6 percent, then 8 percent, and so on. If the bet turned out to be effective, then the size of the next bet is reduced by the size of the bet.

In linebet apk, this strategy has migrated from roulette betting. Players can test the system in the initial conditions by selecting the appropriate roulette version in the online casino section of the bookmaker application:

  • American;
  • French;
  • European.

It is proposed to bet on red or black. As part of sports betting, you need to choose events with a coefficient of 3-4. In this case, the low patency of events will not interfere with staying in the black based on the results of a series of bets.

What events to bet on?

The player can choose a variety of outcomes for betting, as the technique is universal. Players can choose events such as TO in football, as well as a strong-willed victory in the last minutes. You can bet on the victory of the favorite with a handicap in a basketball game. You can also bet on an underdog in tennis with a handicap if the latter plays on his preferred surface. The Linebet bet must be made at high odds.

Benefits of the D’Alembert Strategy

This strategy makes it possible to gradually increase the bankroll. In this respect, it differs from the Martingale tactic, since the probability of losing a deposit will be low, but the terms of building up the pot increase. After losing 7 consecutive bets as part of the Martingale strategy, the player loses 123 percent of the bet. if he makes bets as part of the D’Alembert strategy, then the loss will be 56 percent of the deposit.

Since beginners are advised to stick to conservative strategies, choosing the d’Alembert method can reduce the risks. The strategy protects the better from unnecessary losses and also opens up different options for making money on bets. The number of winnings will not be very large, but it will be difficult to lose the entire deposit in a series of ineffective bets.

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