Fun Weekends in Singapore

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 As the soccer fever soars high relax with different options as you explore various activities on the Things to do in Singapore this weekend checklist. Celebrate the upcoming Christmas season with your darling minions at Universal Studios. Catch the glimpse of the float parade with DreamWork Animation characters as you do some Christmas shopping or enjoy Santa’s Wonderful treats as well as desserts. Gear up for some cardio exercises as you go hiking with this thing to do in Singapore this weekend activity at the Rifle Range Nature Park with a seven-kilometre trail and boardwalks. This is a serene spot for some birdwatching as you spot kingfishers. Watch the long-tailed macaques and Sunda colugos climbing rope bridges. Have a hearty meal at the Jurassic Nest – the dinosaur-themed food hall with hawker brands which are recognised by Michelin Guide. Gobble on ice cream scoops, burgers and local delights with a retro-themed amusement park as you enjoy go-karting with disco lights at the Changi festive village. The famous Doraemon welcomes you with open arms at the National Museum of Singapore. For avid Avatar fans, fun reaches its zenith at the Garden by the Bay which has created an Avatar-themed event at Cloud Forest which mirrors Pandora with its greenery and mesmerising waterfalls.

Skyline Luge 

Are you ready to try some gravity fulled rides as you sign up for things to do in Singapore this weekend roll call list. Ride this quirky three-wheeled Luge cart as you are in control of your speed on the four different tracks with hairpin corners, tunnels and downhill slopes through an enigmatic forest. Luge was invented in 1985 and is a family-friendly ride enjoyed by many across the globe. The carts are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. The four thrilling tracks are the Kuppu Kuppu Trail, Expedition Trail, Jungle Trail and Dragon Trail. View the island and the South China Sea as you ride the four-seater chairlift. If this is not enough check out the night Luge experience as you race the tracks which light up in the evening with spunky colours.

Adventure Cove Waterpark

Plan ahead the Things to do in Singapore this weekendas you land at the Adventure Cove Waterpark. The waterpark is an amusement park with an aquarium, waterslides, a wave pool and the Rainbow reef for snorkelling. The waterpark is located at the Resorts World Sentosa and covers an area of twenty acres. The leading highlights of Adventure Cove Waterpark are

1)Riptide Rocket: This is a hydro-magnetic roller coaster which plunges into the pool after an exhilarating high speed.

2)Pipeline Plunge: The riders get thrust into a whirlpool as the ride takes endless twists and turns before reaching the pool and has a height restriction of 122 cm which is a minimum

3)Duel Racer: Are you up for a challenge as you race on the water slide to reach in order to beat the set time record.

4) Spiral Washout: Time to swirl and twirl after a spinning ride on top of a bowl-shaped tube.

5)Wet Maze: This is a two-level maze fun activity for kids where they find a way through trick doors and water sprays.

6) Big Bucket Treehouse: It is a multi-level water play with buckets of water atop ladders and wooden structures that drench everyone standing below from time to time.

Besides the ride, other major highlights are

 Dolphin Island: Where you meet and greet the Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins and learn about their intelligence, habits and migratory patterns under the guidance of experts. Visit Ray Bay up close and personal with manta rays and stingrays as you swim along these water creatures.

Pulau Ubin

With excitement levels reaching a new high with every next things to do in Singapore this weekend take a small trip to this island which lies to the northeast of mainland Singapore. Take a fifteen-minute bumboat ride from Changi Point Ferry Terminal to visit this heaven for nature lovers from the maddening crowds of the city. Earlier it was known as Pulau Batu Jubin ( which in Malay means Stone Island ) because of the one-thousand granite quarries. Take a trip to Chek Jawa Wetlands is a very rich ecosystem with an abundance of wildlife. Go on a serene kayaking trip between the bewitching mangroves and spot otters, jellyfish and even pink dolphins. Pulau Ubin is a bird watcher’s paradise as you patiently wait to catch a glimpse of Oriental pied hornbills, black-capped kingfishers and white-bellied sea eagles. House No. 1 is an example of pre-war architecture with a Tudor style, a two-storied building which acted like a retreat of the Chief Surveyor of Singapore Langdon Williams and in present times is preserved as a Visitor Centre at the Chek Jawa Wetlands. Make your visit more memorable as you enjoy the tranquil weather of the island on a bike or on foot.

Jurong Bird Park

Next on the list of Things to do in Singapore this weekend is the visit to Jurong Bird Park. The park is the largest aviary and one of the most endearing tourist attractions in Jurong Singapore. The park is sprawled over twenty hectares of area and has fun exhibits, interactive shows and of course beautiful inhabitants. The park has a collection of around five thousand birds from four hundred different species. The Waterfall aviary is the world’s largest walk-in aviary with a thirty-metre-high waterfall. The awesome Kings of the Skies Show showcases the intensity of hunting by the mighty eagles,  falcons and hawks. The High Flyer showcases the talents of the residents with a friendly parrot duel as well the singing talent of the yellow-naped  Amigo is the only bird that can sing in three different languages. Listen carefully and learn about the species on the brink of extinction the Hyacinth Macaw Gaia and Great Pied Hornbills. Visit the bird-themed water playground Birdz of Play, where visitors can have fun under the huge tipping bucket or even try zip-lining across the flying fox. The Lory Loft is a walk-in aviary for lories and lorikeets with one thousand free-flying lories covering an area of three thousand square metres.

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