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A famous announcement is already heard where more than two hundred digital images or photographs have been put up for auction, as well as three NFTs, which had never happened before, being the first throughout the history of cryptocurrencies.

Some of these tokens represent works such as the Notre-Dame cathedral burning down, Zidane and his famous header at the end of the 2006 World Cup, instruments of war used in the French and Russian conflict, etc. 

Most relevant aspects of this NFT auction in digital photographs

This exhibition of NFT digital crypto assets will take place on November 5, for which a unique name, “From Analog to Iconic,” has been defined and will be made official in the Parisian Elli Art Gallery.

It is the second event carried out by the AFP; during the first auction, very profitable sales were achieved; only one was for 300 thousand euros.

More and more works become NFT; it is wonderful to see art digitized since, in this way, the immortality of the pieces is achieved, since by being preserved in this format, they can’t suffer physical deterioration. You can get more details at

The material offered in this auction of digital works in NFT

This photographic material represents a high value in terms of the chronology of events that occurred during the passage of time and history, with a demanding level of quality in the scene taken.

The images exhibited are perfect since the control of the light level, environments, approaches, movement, color tones, brightness, and many other aspects present in digital photography are pursued.

You can see works of the magnitude of Picasso, his famous and renowned paintings, and Henri Matisse, in his design workshop, and Colette. She immortalized herself in front of a mirror next to her series of glass elements.

One of the photographs that have most captured the intention of its message is that of a man in need of committing murders, who was photographed during his presentation in court in the company of the articles recovered from his victims.

One of the present works that occurred today is the photograph of the moment in which the supporters of Donald Trump entered the capitol.

The images that have been captured recently are few since, by belonging to history, they become more attractive to collectors and are revalued unusually.

The first NFTs for sale by the AFP

Along with the digital works that are up for auction, the first three NFTs, which have original non-transferable certificates, are the first time that digital assets of this type have been sold in the history of the AFP.

What is obtained by bidding these NFTs will be used in the recovery and development of the digital photography of the AFP?

These NFTs are represented by the photo of Bernie Sander, a well-known US politician wearing mittens, an image of which there are thousands of copies on the networks; another work is Gainsbourg burning a bill and the liberation of Paris in 1994, issued by the same gallery.

Of all these works, there is also a record in a literary publication called AFP, a photographic epic, which offers detailed information on each situation in reality represented in digital images.

Benefits of representing works with NFT

The new digital ways to represent art, such as NFTs, have managed to attract the attention of those cultured in history and art, all those who know how to value the events that have occurred in the past that are part of our culture.

It is fascinating to see the great value that these non-fungible digital assets, similar to cryptocurrencies, have obtained, with the difference that they are unique and original and graphically backed by a work of recognized fame and importance.

NFTs and cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, providing security, trust, and profitability when acquiring them.


Cryptocurrencies are the new form of economic exchange. Their derivatives, such as NFTs, are original tokens taking over art and many other areas where these unique digital assets can be applied, with a tremendous economic value assigned by their original author.

Technology is taking over everyday life in search of solutions for the benefit of society. The world population is included in all aspects of economic and financial stability and freedom, the main objective of this cryptographic project and decentralization.

More and more original NFTs of great commercial value are emerging, through which you can have a safe and very profitable investment.

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