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Crypto assets have been going through ups and downs, which in many cases have left high levels of anxiety in their investors, which exposes the volatility of the digital financial market without discouraging novices and experts interested in investing in cryptocurrencies.

When talking about transferring value, it refers to the fact that in the crypto assets market, from an element of digital art, be it images, messages, real estate, or land properties; they represent value and growth that is added to daily transactions. ·         During your search for a suitable platform for carrying out your crypto investments, you would come across several apps and websites such as this app.

Despite the fall, they fight to stay.

There is statistical data that demonstrates the increase in cryptographic transactions even in such a vulnerable economic and financial environment where external conditions related to excessive inflation have led the powers of the world to take measures that have undoubtedly wreaked havoc in the digital financial market.

To date, around 1,800 transactions per second are executed in cryptocurrencies, compared to other traditional payment methods such as MasterCard, which processes more than 5,200 transactions per second.

This significant number of transactions represents an advance in terms of the use of blockchain technology and the impact it has in terms of the potential it offers to its users and investors, who are in a network test period to determine the benefits that this can generate in the future.

Week after week, investors maintain their hopes in the change in the market trend of crypto assets. As a result, leading digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have lost their value by 70 and 75%, respectively.

Although the values have plummeted, cryptocurrencies continue their fight between the measures that even the Exchanges have taken concerning blocking withdrawals and transactions, such as the case of Celsius and Binance.

It has occurred before that a crypto winter has occurred and has drastically affected cryptocurrencies; the measures to increase interest rates by central banks have achieved the withdrawal of many investors from the crypto assets financial market.

The cooling of prices at this time is not due to internal factors of the digital market but to external global factors that have interfered with the normal development of this new digital financial market option.

Daily commissions are paid for crypto transactions.

Proof-of-Work (PoW) based networks like Bitcoin have at some point enforced charging a fee for making a cryptocurrency transfer.

This type of discount is usually common in the case of networks such as Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash, among others.

The number of payments for network usability commissions in the case of ETH is more significant than USD 3.6 million, an amount that has been increasing over the months despite being in a complex phase for the price valuation of ETH crypto assets.

Bitcoin network and the ETH network because Ethereum has diversified the way of transferring value through various instruments, where each operation requires the payment of a network fee.

In the traditional financial system, charging commissions is something normal to which users are already accustomed; in the case of cryptocurrencies, these commissions are deducted for sending cryptocurrencies from one address to another.

The purpose of charging these commissions is divided into two elements; the main one is the way to remunerate the miners who contribute to the ecosystem to confirm the transactions and, in turn, as an element that reduces spam attacks.

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Cryptocurrency market growth potential

Despite being such a questionable market, it has been the perfect option for many investors who have identified the crypto project that suits their investment profiles, taking advantage of its price potential.

It depends on capturing at the right time the investments that can generate profits on a large scale.

For many, the crypto market is a reality that could end soon due to the high volatility they developed during 2022. However, they have underestimated the possibility of massive growth and adoption that could catapult crypto transactions and establish a new collective investment method.


Despite a somewhat shaky global financial and economic scenario, the growth of cryptographic transactions has continued; what many people ignore is that when transferring through crypto networks such as Bitcoin, not only is it mobilized money, but also value is transferred.

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