Best ways to prevent eyes from the digital blues

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How can one prevent eyes from digital blues?

The long hours sitting right in front of digital screens can have some damaging effects on the eyes. Well said when even after going back home one spends their time relaxing as well in front of the screen making it difficult for one to keep their distance from the digital screens. 

In short, there has been a very small window when we are not using these digital screens, but that does not prevent the eyes from strain and fatigue. Your eyes will actually feel disturbed while looking at the screen and dry eyes are actually one of the reasons for the same, but now one has to look forward to how to prevent any of such situations. 

Prevention against the blue light 

There are several ways to prevent your eyes from blue light and the first and foremost is to reduce screen time. But sometimes, it might not be possible for anyone to reduce the time due to the requirement of the work. But the best then one can opt for is to buy blue light glasses, these glasses have the ability to block the blue light from entering the eyes making it the best way to actually look at the screen without much threat to the eyes. 

You can add these to the existing glasses as well through the reglazing process. Apart from that, you can also add the coating to the existing coating and even prescription. 

Reglazing of the glasses 

Now, we have almost convinced you into getting yourself a pair of anti-blue light glasses, the next thing is to get your glasses reglazed. What is reglazing of glasses? It is where one gets their lenses updated without changing their frames. Here one can get their glasses reglazed, without changing much to their glasses. 

But there are several benefits associated with the same when it comes to reglazing the glasses. 

Advantages of getting glasses reglazed

As said there are several advantages associated when it comes to reglazing glasses, let us discuss them extensively. 

  • The first and foremost of the advantages is that the reglazing of the glasses helps in reducing the waste caused by the eyewear industry. Here you will not be changing the frames again, which leads to a decrease in the wastage caused such as throwing away the plastic frames. 
  • A better option than recycling the glasses, even the recycling process has its cons where it emits harmful glasses in the process, that is completely eliminated in the same. 
  • The method is quite economical, where you have to just make changes to the lenses and not to the frame. This way you can even go super light on your pocket after getting the necessary changes to the glasses done. 
  • You get to keep your favourite frame to yourselves where you can actually have stylish frames just with updated and super new lenses. 
  • For your reglazing service, the best one can visit is Specscart, they are specialised in provisioning free proetcive coating to the lenses such as anti-glare, anti-UV and even anti-scratch coating to the same. 

Styles for the glasses 

We have suggested one for the reglazing of the glasses but you can even go for multiple frame options as well. Here are a few suggestions that would definitely go for women’s glasses styles:

  • Rectangular glasses: One of the most studious styles of all, rectangular glasses are the stylish yet minimal style of all. And if you people are looking for the pick that would definitely go for formal and even for an informal pick then there is no better way to slay your style than these beauties. 
  • Cat-eye glasses: The upsweeps that make you want to go back to the 50s, there is no better way to complement every attire. Cat-eye glasses are available in various shapes so they can be well suited to any face shape without much effort. 
  • Round glasses: Best of the geeky styles one could ever ask for, round glasses are best suited for the types with more angular features making it a pick that will make you want to have these pretty frames as your staples.
  • Geometric glasses: These glasses have their name with the various sides and corners it carries. If you people are done with the regular shapes, then we would best suggest you go for the geometric pick for the day. They will definitely make you want to style them with all the funky ones. 
  • Tortoiseshell glasses: Odd colours and weird patterns, yet acing the looks it carries, tortoiseshell glasses have their way when it comes to grabbing the attention of all. These pretty frames are a must no matter what shape you would like to carry. 

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