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The behavior of Bitcoin is somewhat unpredictable, but market analysts usually forecast what they expect to happen in the short, medium, or long term.

The adoption of cryptographic investments is a step that requires decision and preparation; the financial flows that are generated in this market usually keep investors in alarm due to the volatility that characterizes this digital financial market. At, you will find what you need.

Bitcoin Bulls Position

The bulls have been seen in a submissive attitude towards the market due to the marked bearish trend that has been developing during 2022. Still, they are not discouraged by a change in direction.

The competition between both factors in the financial market (bulls and bears) is quite complex because the price of Bitcoin seems to be going through a lateralization stage.

Many experienced investors often infer that the minimum price of this crypto winter has not yet been established since the crypto asset has reached $17,000, which has generated further tension.

The instability of traditional currencies could be considered a point in favor of cryptocurrencies; as a result, people find this type of financial instrument more attractive in the face of a recession.

Everything indicates that we could enter a stabilization phase of the digital financial market where the assets are in search of their floor level to generate a phase change to capitalization, which would be ideal for the bulls.

The digital financial market is going through a considerable number of ups and downs, managing to establish a level between $20,000 and $24,000 to fuel its upward journey.

Bullish-type transactions are waiting because there is a lot of pressure at the regulatory level, which directly influences the valuation of crypto assets.

The upheaval among crypto companies makes the bulls decide to take a reasonable time to start making the right moves to contribute to a change in the market trend; there is still the aftermath of what happened with the bankruptcy of crypto companies as well as the collapse of Terra-Luna, which devastated many investors.

International tension affects BTC’s rise

At the beginning of the year, the fear generated around the War between Ukraine and Russia put the digital financial market in doubt. Consequently, the actions that arose from this conflict could have positive or mostly negative effects on the valuation of cryptocurrencies.

The magnitude of a warlike conflict influences the cryptographic market more if one of the countries is involved in the second holder of Bitcoins in the world.

Although it seems that this situation managed to keep the market in high tension for a while, it did not discourage investors since Bitcoin was considered a financial tool for both countries to carry out commercial and aid actions internationally.

A reaction to the taking of regulatory actions on these financial instruments can be expected more than the tension generated by the armed conflict that has undoubtedly affected the economies of the world powers.

Bears Bet Bitcoin Continues to Fall

Despite the positive news regarding the adoption of countries for the use of Bitcoin, the market is still under the control of the bears; it seems that the fear of losing everything is what has been in charge of controlling the market and leaving it in a state of tense calm that does not allow him to take his next step.

Many events have added to this situation intensifying; the months of July and August have been months of stabilization where, more than a downtrend, Bitcoin would be going through a price correction to establish its optimal floor and support levels.

The lows are getting higher and higher, so we could be facing the fight that the bears have feared for a progressive upside that will transcend the bearish phase.

For the bears, it is a situation that must be evaluated accordingly that Bitcoin has managed to maintain a support level on several occasions that are around $24,000, a story that for many bears should not be the floor level since they aspire for Bitcoin to go down again to be able to mark an upward trajectory.


The scenario is given, and the fight continues between both trends; only the market conditions are the ones that can make a change according to the fulfillment of the time steps that the phases of Bitcoin usually have.

The period of the bear phase market and all digital currencies will follow the trend when this happens.

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