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All the real-life areas this technological immersion proposal known as Metaverse is trying to cover are interesting.

On this occasion, we will have a vision of the political perspective that represents the use of technology at the various social and political levels of the countries in the world.

Decentralization is one of the most exciting aspects that make this new technological ecosystem a pleasant proposal for everyone, where equality is the main character in terms of everyone’s ability to access the same interests. For more exciting data, go to Bit Index AI.

Technology takes over politics

The new term in the world that surrounds politics and technology is techno-politics, which is intended to adapt society to a virtual reality based on social sharing where the various political proposals wish to establish the Metaverse candidates.

The intention of involving politics with the technology of the Metaverse is to try to spread through this platform the various political ideologies that exist in the real world to a digital version, making this space much more invasive.

The main intention is to design political campaigns where a more significant effect of political and social evolution can be created after allowing the link between citizens and voters in real life than after seeing the announcements of current governments.

The Metaverse pretends to be the fertile ground for any project, and politics could not be left out.

Such is the case of Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, which offers political parties that currently exist to position themselves in this environment in conjunction with the advances this specific environment will offer.

The main concern will be the use of citizens’ personal information and possible users of the Metaverse. They intend to use this platform to exchange political positions to establish a better dialogue and transparency in decisions and policies. Therefore, they were taken for the benefit of citizenship.

Politics and the Metaverse

In the constant transformation of technology, a group of politicians and institutions have begun to visualize and adapt the advances it has and the social impact it could generate in the Metaverse.

Many politicians have even begun designing their avatars to be part of the future immersive worlds that the various technologies will offer in about 10 years.

Politicians’ intent often involves creating shows that will bring in the most significant number of non-fictional followers but voters who can support their policies and measures through more likable and lively proposals.

Many challenges arise from the application of this new technology; if you want the experience to be as similar to reality, many companies and individuals that are part of these virtual worlds must adhere to a set of rules and laws that will lead to democratic political life.

Many controversies are generated because it is not easy to try to involve in a virtual context, a concept that perhaps many people may even dislike. Still, the regulation requires to be seen from many angles.

Brazil leads the politicians of the Metaverse

The possibility of bringing together a group of people in the same place despite being in different geographical coordinates makes the right to information much more accessible.

It was the main attraction that caught the attention of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, who took the opportunity to hold his first meeting through virtual reality to publicize his policy of incentives for the e-Games sector.

The photo that traveled the world was that of a political leader using augmented reality glasses. He could immerse himself in a 100% virtual environment where the avatars of each representative who participated in the meeting were the main actors.

The meeting was held from California in connection with Brazil, specifically in the Government Palace of the latter, which ultimately allowed them to savor the future in the few minutes that the meeting lasted.

With the implementation of 5G technology in the South American country, the use of information technologies that will achieve a more significant effect on citizens is promoted


The life intended to be established in the Metaverse could merge daily experiences with political, geopolitical, and socioeconomic awareness that make real life a much more controlled and supervised environment, representing the opposite that technology wants to transmit with this new tool. 

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