6 Ways to Remove a Security Tag from Clothing

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Once, I visited a mall with my wife and children. We entered a garment shop and bought some clothes. On reaching home, I see a security tag on one of my shirts after opening the shopping. It was like a nightmare for me. The mobile number of the shop manager was given on the receipt. So, I call him without wasting a single minute. 

In response, he suggested me revisit the shop or follow some instructions to remove the tag. It was difficult for me to remove the tag without any assistance. The shop was far from my locality, so I did this job personally. For this, I see videos on YouTube and also read some articles. Finally, I reached a conclusion and removed the tag quickly. During the research, I learned about several methods, but the ways for removing security tags from clothing are listed below. So, keep reading and apply to anyone who works for you.

  • Use a Security Tag Remover

Security tag removers are devices that emit a strong magnetic field that causes the pins in the security tag to unfasten, rendering the tag useless. Simply hold the device up to the tag and wave it around until you hear a clicking sound, indicating that the pin has been released. Then, gently pull on the tag until it comes off. And that’s all there is to it! With a little patience and the right tool, you’ll be able to quickly and easily remove those pesky security tags.

  • Use a Rubber Band

Removing the tag with a rubber band is safe and easy to operate. For this, first of all, make sure the ink cartridge of the tag is facing down. Then, take a rubber band and wrap it around the pin of the tag several times. You can use another band if needed. Hold the larger part of the tag in one hand, and pull out the pin with the other hand. So, both pieces of the tag are apart now and finally removed.

  • Use a Screwdriver

Another handy method to remove the tag is through a screwdriver. First, place the cloth on a flat surface, with the ink cartridge facing up. The top head of the screwdriver should be thin so that we pull the upper part of the tag easily. Now, place the screwdriver along the edge of the tag and pull it up by pushing the handle down. You will see a metal plate after removing the ink cartridge. Take off the metal plate and finally pull out the pin.

  • Use Two Forks

Removing the security tag by using two forks is the most effective way. You need two forks of any size available at home. First, insert a fork between the tag and then place the other one so that the direction of both should be on the opposite side. Now, pull them, and thus you will remove the tag easily.

  • Use a Powerful Magnet

Almost all the big stores use a magnet to remove the security tag from clothes. So, you must have a powerful magnet at home to remove the tag, and all the other processes are straightforward. First, place the magnet on the top of the tag so that the ink cartridge is facing down. You will hear a sound on the separation of two parts of the tag. You might need to apply a little force to remove the tag if there is no sound.

  • Remove Tags by Burning

Removing the security tag by burning it is a bit risky. Take a lighter and burn the dome-like upper part of the tag. It will take hardly 10-15 minutes to burn the dome. Now, take a knife and separate the burning part from the tag. After separating the upper part, you will see a spring and some ball bearings inside the tag. First of all, pull out the spring and then the ball bearings. It will need some force to pull out the first ball bearings, but all others will remove easily. Now, separate the pin and finally remove the tag from the cloth.


Removing the security tags at home can be risky, but we hope these 6 ways to remove a security tag from clothing will be helpful and easy to understand. Among them, the easiest way is to have a security tag remover at hand, then you don’t need to worry about any tags any more. Anyway, try those ways above when necessary to solve your problems. Thanks for reading!

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