Streaming Vs. Cable: Which One Should You Choose?

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Who knew that cable TV owners would face tough competition one day? No one, right? Today, video streaming has become a huge business as more and more people have started to cut the cords. While both of the streaming mediums offer entertaining videos, the way they do so is different.

There are dozens of cable TV providers and streaming services on the market, so choosing the right medium of entertainment can be quite challenging. There is great competition among streaming platforms and cable TV providers, and they are working hard to offer incredible services to retain customers. But in recent years, cord-cutting has become a popular trend. So the question is, should you cut the cord or not? Well, deciding between both of the services is indeed a challenge. This is the reason we have compiled this blog for you. It sheds light on both types of services, so you can choose the best entertainment medium for yourself. Let’s jump in!

How Does Cord Cutting Work?

Cord cutting is a practice in which you cancel your cable TV plan, and sign up for a streaming service. People prefer these platforms, as they are cost-effective and offer diverse content. Moreover, cord-cutting has become a common trend in the United States of America, and it is expected that by 2026 there will be approximately 80.7 million cord-cutting households. The numbers are continuously growing as streaming services become increasingly popular. The major reason behind their popularity is the improvements in internet technology.

However, if you are planning to cut the cord, please ensure that you have a steady internet connection to stream content effortlessly. As only a fast internet connection can enhance your streaming experience. Therefore, if you are looking for a better internet provider, we recommend you choose Windstream. It offers a quality fiber optic connection and internet speed of up to one gig, so you can stream content without buffering issues. If you want to know more about its packages and speed tiers then, click here.

Content Selection

When it comes to content availability, cable has the edge over streaming services. This allows customers to watch hundreds of channels. For example, if you are a cable TV user, you are likely to find several sports channel variants. So, you have the luxury of watching a plethora of content if you choose cable[NM1]  TV. For example, if you are a sports fan, then subscribing to Netflix or Amazon Prime will be a bad decision.

On the other hand, streaming services offer less or only the major channels that most viewers would like to see. Moreover, if you want to view some premium channels, you have to pay more. Thus, the overall cost of your subscriptions adds up. Nonetheless, streaming services offer a good selection of shows and movies, so if you love binge-watching these, then only you are at an advantage.

Service Availability

There is less competition among cable TV providers, each provider has an exclusive license to offer services in a particular geographical area. So, you do not have to search a lot if you want to sign up for cable services. In other words, it is a monopoly industry structure.

In contrast, there are several streaming service providers, and most of them offer services nationwide. For example, you can stream content on Netflix even if you move out of the city, as long as you have access to an internet connection.

Monthly Cost

Since most people have started streaming video-on-demand content, streaming services have increased prices. For example, people’s favorite Hulu Plus Live TV charges $69.99 per month. There are other streaming platforms as well that offer only on-demand content. So, if you do not want to opt for a package with Live TV, you can, But if you choose cable TV, you get to watch popular channels without spending a huge sum of money. For example, the average cable costs around $83[NM2] . Simply put, the cable is more expensive than streaming, and if you want access to all the channels, then you have to purchase a good plan. And subscribing to high-speed internet without data caps is indeed expensive.

Content Transmission

Cable is a broadcast medium, so you can only watch its content if you are at home and in front of your television setup box. You are likely to miss your favorite shows if you are not at home and even if you get up for snack, you cannot rewind or forward the content.

But for streaming video-on-demand content, you need to ensure that you are connected to a stable internet. This is one of the major advantages of streaming content because you have the portability to stream content anywhere if you are connected to the internet. Also, your viewing experience completely depends on the quality of your internet connection.

Overall Findings

Below is a brief overview of both types of entertainment mediums.

Cable TVStreaming
More expensiveLess expensive
Requires dedicated setup boxesSupported by a variety of different devices
Discounts are available when you bundle the servicesPremium add-ons available
Can broadcast content without the need for the internetNeed a steady internet connection     
The area limits provider selectionSeveral selections of providers

Who Is the Winner?

Cheapest OptionWinner 
Contract FlexibilityWinner 
Higher Channel Count Winner
Better Video QualityWinner 

Considering the factors that people decide to watch TV for, it is safe to say that streaming service is the winner. And we implore you to cut your cord immediately because most streaming platforms have also started offering popular live TV channels. This is the reason that the use of cable TV is steadily decreasing. So, we recommend you stay prepared and choose an excellent streaming platform that best suits your entertainment needs.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this blog has offered much clarity on why you should choose streaming services. Well, both cable and streaming offer, but the benefits of streaming services outweigh the benefits of cable TV. Still, the decision is yours, and you need to determine your content needs before you choose any service, so invest wisely.



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