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A free Android app called XNSPY lets you spy on phones and also see what happens on mobile devices. Perfect for keeping an eye on the kids.
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Xnspy APK has gained attention over the years as a mobile monitoring app and has developed quite a list of features that could prove valuable in various situations. Xnspy indeed receives favorable reviews on many websites even though there are several Android spy apps. This app is the perfect companion for any parent and business owner with a variety of monitoring options. 

What is XNSPY APK?

XNSPY App is the only family monitoring software that provides real-time information on your child’s or employees’ activities! Using this software, parents can monitor their children’s digital activities under the age of 18, and employers can monitor the digital activities of their employees using their company’s smartphones and tablets. To purchase XNSPY software, you must either possess a smartphone or tablet or obtain the permission of your children or employees.

Monitoring devices have never been more accessible thanks to XNSPY APK, an easy-to-use application. Whenever a device is connected, the dashboard stores all of the data it collects. See what other lugs like yours are doing in your dashboard.

Our monitoring software provides online, offline, and offline capabilities for real-time tracking of smartphones. Among all spyware currently available, this offers the best value for your hard-earned money. Secure and reliable smartphone tracking software with a variety of payment options that are affordable, convenient, and provide innovative features.

The mobile app accepts non-intruders and complete spy apps and is considered one of the best spyware apps for employees and parents.

Allows users to block the monitored device and erase all its contents.

When you install Xnspy APK Premium on your Android target phone, you will be able to control it remotely from anywhere. You can do things like:

  • Using a remote device
  • you can record all calls
  • Record nearby voices, chats, and noises
  • Delete unwanted data
  • and take a screenshot from afar

Please note: Using XNSPY to monitor your spouse, girlfriend, or partner is illegal. XNSPY will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies if it is unable to follow these guidelines. Due to this, the buyer is responsible for complying with local laws in their country or region. Ethical monitoring is the only authorized application of the software.

Prominent Features in XNSPY

Track Calls and Contacts

  • Monitoring cell phones and tablets have never been easier or more secure than with XNSPY Free. Please get to know what your kids are talking about and with whom they are interacting. With XNSPY Apk Mod, you can remotely review all calls and contacts lists in a user-friendly fashion.

Track SMS and IM Chats

  • Read your SMS, iMessages, and instant messages, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, and Skype, to keep your loved ones and coworkers at bay. The app also allows you to monitor multimedia content shared on five other social media platforms.

GPS Tracking

  • You can view the location of your children and employees at any time. XNSPY’s powerful and accurate mobile monitoring app lets you remotely check your location history on your phone or tablet.

Email and Other Online Activities

  • Make sure you are tracking your email and keeping track of when your children or employees arrive. Examine all of their bookmarked websites and find out how frequently they visit them.

Record Phone Calls and Surroundings

  • Get a record of their phone conversations and listen to them to determine what they are doing.

View Multimedia Files and Application

  • Explore the videos and photos he has stored on his computers and tablets. Could you keep track of his appointments as well?

Instant Notifications Around the Clock

  • Get notifications through SMS and email, your phonebook, and particular words from your children that will keep them safe both online and offline.

Control the Entire Cell Phone

  • Learn how to track XNSPY smartphones if you’re wondering how to control a cellphone remotely. With this application, you can manage remote settings for the target device and issue commands remotely.

XNSPY Analysis

  • Show the top 10 displayed websites, top 5 callers, and top 5 durations of calls. You can also get an activity punch card that includes a list of how many calls you made at certain times and days during the week.

Wi-Fi Network Logo

  • Protocol used for Wi-Fi networks that links a monitored device with dates, times, and addresses stamped on the device.


  • Using social messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and Viber, you can track keystrokes.

WhatsApp (Without Root)

  • Even without rooting your Android device, you can keep track of WhatsApp chats.

How to Install and Get Started with Xnspy?

Installing Mobile Spy on Android phones has never been easier than with XNSPY. Our support team has recently made it possible for our users to install XNSPY Android Spyware through remote assistance easily. Because of this, a physical connection to the Android device is only required during the time of installation. Our team will handle other processes. It’s not just that you’ve downloaded and installed the app, but that you’ve set it all up too. All the information you need about installing mobile spyware on Android phones is in our installation guide. Below are some more questions and answers about installing Android spy software.


Is it possible to install remote spy software on an Android phone?

In answer to your question, you cannot install Android spyware without physical access to the phone. It has been made easier to download and install XNSPY by adding remote installation support.

Do I need to reinstall XNSPY after updating my phone’s Android operating system?

This software works like any other application on the phone (but in a more hidden manner). No reinstallation is necessary after updating the Android OS.

Does XNSPY show Android spyware icons/shortcuts on installed phones?

Android users can hide XNSPY Mobile Spy online once it has been installed. See step 12.

Can I install XNSPY Mobile Spyware on multiple Android devices with a single subscription?

An XNSPY subscription works with only one device. To manage your online account, you can add many tools.


When someone uses an Android phone at home or work, you can take appropriate steps to discipline that person with the XNSPY APK, which monitors harmful social media activities. An effective tool for reducing frustration and anxiety in the general population. Parental control over device monitoring would benefit most parents. Take a look at a few Xnspy Mod APK reviews today to see if the app will work for you. 

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