What Does Spotify Offer? A Super In-Depth Guide For Beginners

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There are numerous streaming services accessible which include apple music, Youtube music, Amazon music, etc however Spotify owing to some of its features stands out. So you should know what does Spotify offer if you want to get more Spotify streams and increase followers on Spotify.

What does Spotify offer?

If you worry about what does Spotify offer, you need to understand the following.

Free trial

If you want to gain a Spotify premium, it provides you a free trial period of one month. In this one-month trial, you may learn about the premium service completely and then decide for yourself whether you believe Spotify worth paying. You may assess the premium membership for free and find out whether you want to pay for this app in the future to have a high-quality streaming capability. However, there is no contract between the user and Spotify premium. One may terminate his/her membership anytime.

Spotify playlist

One of the most appreciated aspects of Spotify is its playlist option. You may build as many playlists as you like based on the type of music or performer. People construct various playlists for gatherings, long journeys, gym or to share a few songs with someone important. Spotify’s unique mix function also provides a personalized playlist depending on the user’s music choice. Depending on the user’s favourite artists and genres, Spotify comes up with additional music possibilities for its user to discover. Once you make a playlist, you are still permitted to add additional songs later that you wish to add to a certain playlist. The playlists recommended by Spotify comprise several tracks that you play together with two or three additional songs of the same genre.

Edit your playlist

Songs in your playlist may be added or deleted based on your choice of selection. One may also make any playlist public or private. You may make it public if you want to allow other people to reach out to your playlist. The private option will limit others’ access to your playlist. You may also allow other people to contribute music to your playlist with a collaborative function in it. To utilise this collaboration function one needs to provide a collaborative link to the person they wish to interact with. You can also share your music with your friends using the share button. Apart from deleting individual songs from your playlist, you may even erase the complete playlist if you wish.

Group session

Spotify along with its collaboration capabilities also provides a group session option. The group session of Spotify enables a maximum of seven individuals to host their music party. In this session, everyone gets an access to play a music of their own choosing that the group listens to. This is a terrific method for individuals to socialise since it links people even when they are at different places. Your activity on Spotify may be shared on any other social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You also might follow your favourite musician to keep yourself linked to his/her music.

Multiple platforms

Spotify is accessible on all the current platforms, unlike apple music which is exclusively available on iOS. All android, Microsoft windows, iOS, and even Xbox users may effortlessly utilize Spotify. Spotify has now expanded its availability to Apple and smartwatches so that consumers can simply hear their favourite tunes. Spotify free customers are more assisted on desktops as They have more freedom on desktops than they do on mobile devices. All your favourite bands and playlists are available for your listening pleasure. So that Spotify’s free users may still access a large library of music, the service will only interrupt playback every few tracks with brief advertisements.

If you’re looking for social capabilities, Spotify has you covered with options for sharing songs with others and even keeping tabs on what your pals are up to in the same app. Spotify has native applications for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, in addition to a web version that works on all of these devices.

When compared to the high-quality audio of Spotify Premium (320 kbps), the free service’s top audio quality of 160 kbps is rather respectable. The settings menu is also where you’ll find the controls for changing the audio quality. When compared to similar services, Spotify’s 320 kbps audio quality stands head and shoulders above the rest.


Spotify is the second-largest platform for listening to podcasts, and it expands its music catalogue by licensing recordings from all record companies. Because of this, authors now have a means of communicating with their readers. And it’s not only on Spotify that you can find an abundance of podcasts to listen to. More than 4 million podcasts are available to its customers. A “Spotify greenroom” also allows musicians to broadcast live and record podcasts.

Audio and video streaming

Spotify is not just a music streaming service but also a video streaming service. When compared to their audio range, the visual range is quite limited. Spotify’s video streaming service is still in development, thus for the time being, it only supports a small number of podcasts. While Spotify’s audio streaming is accessible everywhere, the company’s video streaming is still limited in certain territories.

Now we hope you have the clear answer of what does Spotify offer.

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