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Student life is not an easy life, waking up early in the morning, rushing to catch up the bus, attending daily classes, writing assignments and tests, the list goes on, and if you are a student who is studying abroad or out of your town and living in hostels, situations become quite challenging. And all these things come with a monetary cost, which sometimes puts holes in the pockets of students and parents. In such cases, if students can get some concessions or benefits it can help them a lot. Today there are organisations, companies and big brands who are doing this by giving student discounts. Now, what student discounts are and how they can benefit students? To know this, keep reading the article.

 What Are Student Discounts?

 Student discounts, as its name suggests are the special offered discounts for the students, usually, these discounts are for college-going students, but there are a few for high-schoolers too. These discounts are offered by the big brands and companies to the students on their products and services. Students are an important part of society, they will be the future pillars and builders of the community and it is important to encourage and help them in any way possible. Companies provide these discounts in an attempt to make students’ lives easier and make their necessities other than education, more affordable for them. The discounts are provided to students from companies in every sector like ed-tech companies, apparel and footwear, tech companies, food and beverages etc. 

Benefits Of Student Discounts

Educational Discounts: Books and stationeries are important things for the students to study well, without proper educational material they can’t study. And in today’s time, only books and stationeries are not the only things that students need to learn, online courses and apps that teach online are good learning sources too and students can learn from them. Although these courses and educational apps provide paid services, with student discounts, students can avail their services and courses at discounted prices; some of the edtech companies even provide free basic plans for their services. Such educational discounts to the students boost their morale and encourage them to gain more new skills and knowledge. 

Discounts At Public Or Educational Places: Going on educational field trips or going on picnics with friends are some important and valuable experiences in a student’s life. Such trips not only entertain and refreshen the students, but they also gain knowledge. For example, through a visit to a science museum, students can see and learn about scientific theories and concepts in a better way. That is why several amusement parks, museums and historic places provide discounts on their tickets to the students. Students can avail of these discounts on individual or group bookings of the tickets. 

Student Discounts On Travel: As we mentioned earlier, the life of a student can be a bit challenging and expensive; and these challenges and expenses double when a student is studying abroad or out of town. For students living in college hostels far from their homes, managing their finances can be a bit hectic and travelling back and forth between home and college makes it more difficult. Whether you’re travelling by plane or train, ticket prices are only getting higher day by day. That is why to relieve students from this crisis, plane companies offer discounts on their fare tickets, and so do railway authorities. Sometimes they offer extra discounts during the festive seasons, other than transportation authorities, some leading hotel franchises also provide discounts to students.

 Student Discount On Gadgets And Appliances: In today’s world of technology it becomes essential for every student to have good quality gadgets which they can use for educational purposes. As online education prevails and students attend their classes online on the apps for classroom, they need gadgets which work without interruption and give them a great performance. Often devices like laptops, tablets and PCs are quite expensive, but student discounts given by gadget companies make it possible for students to buy them at discounted prices.  

To avail of all such discounts, students need to verify their college documents and IDs with companies and the college administration.

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