Using ASIN Comparison and Benchmarking to Optimize ACOS on Amazon            

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Amazon sellers can evaluate the effectiveness of their products on Google Ads with the help of AMPD Benchmark, a useful tool.

The advertising options provided by the Amazon platform may be sufficient for Amazon shops, but marketing your goods outside of Amazon’s boundaries will help you reach additional organic traffic that Amazon cannot. It shows why including Google Ads into your campaign approach is advantageous given that the majority of users search on Google with the intention of making a transaction and to compare a wide range of goods they require. The Ampd Benchmark, which compares your products to those of other companies, can help you as an Amazon seller determine whether your product is optimized for Google search engines. Parameters like ACOS Amazon can be useful.

Ampd Benchmark

The newest ROI analysis tool from Ampd, Ampd Benchmark, aids Amazon sellers in determining how well their products might do in Google Ads campaigns.

By “benchmarking” products against other similar product listings on Amazon, this is accomplished. It makes predictions for your next step as a business owner using data from more than 20,000 Ampd-supported ads and more than 650 Amazon product categories. It merely asks for your Google advertising budget and your product’s Amazon ASIN, which is used by Amazon to classify items and maintain track of products that have been uploaded to their website.

It helps your products interact with customers and confirms that your products are in line with their selling policies! You must pay attention to your ASIN since, in addition to being required by Ampd Benchmark for the evaluation of your product, it also distinguishes your goods from other identical products that have been uploaded to Amazon.

Utility of Ampd Benchmarking

Sellers are required to use the Ampd Benchmark engine for one simple reason. You may find out if your product is a suitable fit for Google Ads using the Benchmark tool. It examines conversion rates according to the product category, pricing, reviews, and other factors that suggest the likelihood of success when creating a Google Ads campaign. As they have demonstrated when Java Planet Coffee and Ubiquitous turned to Ampd to enhance ACOS through the use of solutions based on Google Ads campaigns, Ampd is devoted to delivering successful marketing solutions that improve Amazon’s advertising cost of sales and traffic.

How to Maximize a Successful Google Ads Campaign with Your ASIN

Examining three benchmarking attributes helps identify a product’s position for a potential Google Ads campaign. Performance Benchmark measures how well the product’s Amazon marketing performs in comparison to other brands with comparable products. The CPC Benchmark analyzes how frequently your product is seen on Amazon advertisements in comparison to other competing companies.

The appropriate and qualified keywords you might utilize in your possible adverts to optimize the campaign for search engines are another consideration. Ampd Benchmark can analyze the market potential of your product through its ASIN, compare it to competing brands on Amazon, and help sellers determine the best course of action for their product campaigns.

The Ampd Benchmark will display its results to you in a matter of seconds. The findings are clear and thorough, outlining which signs suggest that ASIN would be an excellent candidate for a Google Ads campaign. Additionally, it shows how well your product is performing in terms of your Amazon campaign, customer reviews, and CPC in comparison to other businesses with similar products. If your product produces excellent or good results, you absolutely must think about including Google Ads in your campaigns.

In addition, Ampd Benchmark will provide you with a list of keywords that are associated with your product and will show you the monthly product search frequency and CPC, allowing you to determine which keywords are best used in your advertising campaigns.

Effectiveness of Ampd Benchmark in Improving Google Ads Performance

Although Amazon adverts can be effective, it is more practical to look into other internet marketing options. You won’t know how successful a Google Ads campaign for your product’s ASIN is until you use the Ampd Benchmark to evaluate its potential and limits in Google’s search engines. This will allow you to make more informed business decisions and avoid wasting money and time on activities that will have little to no return on investment.

It will evaluate the effectiveness of your product’s campaigns, customer reviews, cost per click, and other elements to assist you plan how to expand the reach of your product outside Amazon.

Final Words

Amazon’s marketing strategies are fantastic, but it’s better to investigate alternative strategies to get your goods in front of people. Spending money on campaigns that don’t provide results may be difficult, but Ampd Benchmark can guide you through where your product sits in a Google Ads campaign and how to tailor it to your needs. After all, using Google Ads traffic has been shown to increase organic sales and your Amazon rank.

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