Unique Hamper Gifts for Chinese New Year

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What is Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a 15-day festival celebrated by millions of people around the world to mark the start of the new lunar year. It is also known as Spring Festival, and it falls on different days each year but usually between January 21st and February 20th. The festivities usually start on New Year’s Eve and last until the Chinese Lantern Festival which marks the final day of celebration.

The celebrations traditionally involve family reunions, feasting on special dishes, wearing red (the color of luck), giving out “red envelopes” with money inside as gifts to children and elderly relatives, setting off firecrackers for good luck, cleaning your house for a fresh start to the new year, the performance of traditional lion dance at temples or in public places, exchanging greetings such as “Gung Hay Fat Choy” which means “Congratulations and Be prosperous” in Cantonese.

Chinese New Year is an important holiday not only for China but also for many other countries in East Asia including Singapore and Malaysia where there are many Chinese descendants living there. It has become increasingly popular among non-Chinese communities due to its vibrant celebrations filled with cultural elements that bring people together regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs.

Benefits of Chinese New Year Hampers

The Chinese New Year is a time for joy, celebration, and giving. And what better way to show your appreciation than with a Chinese New Year hamper? CNY Hampers in Singapore are an excellent gift idea as they provide a variety of items that the recipient can enjoy. They also provide an opportunity to share traditional foods, drinks, and other items associated with the celebration of this event.

One major benefit of giving a Chinese New Year hamper is that it gives you the chance to include something personal for each recipient in the gift basket. Whether it’s homemade cookies or special tea blends from your own kitchen, these small touches can really make someone feel special on such an important day. It will also be sure to bring joy to their hearts as they open up their gifts.

In addition to its personalized touch, another advantage of giving hampers during Chinese New Year is that it allows you to include something from every culture within China. For example, you could add items like mooncakes and red envelopes which symbolize prosperity; dumplings which signify wealth; or spring rolls which represent luck and happiness. This way, everyone will feel included in the festivities even if they don’t celebrate all aspects of the holiday themselves.

Types of Chinese New Year Hampers

Chinese New Year is one of the most important and widely celebrated holidays in China. During this festive season, it is traditional for families to exchange gifts with each other. One of the most popular types of gifts is hampers, which are baskets filled with various small items that have special significance during the Chinese New Year. Here are some of the most common types of Chinese New Year hampers:

1. The Wealthy Prosperity Hamper – This type of hamper is typically given to family members and close friends as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity for the upcoming year. It usually contains items such as dried fruits, candies, nuts, tea leaves, and other auspicious foods like long noodles or oranges as they all symbolize abundance and good luck.

2. The Traditional Hamper – This type of hamper includes items that represent traditional values such as respect for elders or familial unity. It may contain things like tangerines (which symbolize luck) or jiaozi (Chinese dumplings) which represent reunion dinners during this time period when many families come together to celebrate the new year. 

How to Make a Chinese New Year Hamper

As Chinese New Year approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how to make a festive hamper for your friends and family. A Chinese New Year hamper is a great way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them during this special holiday. Here’s how you can create your own unique hamper full of all the traditional Chinese goodies and treats. 

Select some items that will be the focus of the basket. These could be items like tangerines, oranges, or other fruits that symbolize good luck and prosperity in Chinese culture. You could also add candy such as almond cookies or coconut biscuits for extra sweetness! Additionally, don’t forget about tea – green tea is especially popular for its health benefits.

Next, pick out some decorations for your basket. This could include traditional red-colored paper with gold writing on it to wrap up each item or even small pieces of festive ribbon to tie up any packages within the basket itself. You could also include some handmade cards with heartfelt messages inside from yourself or others who wish them well during this special time of year.

Where to Buy a Chinese New Year Hamper

As the Lunar New Year approaches, the tradition of gifting hampers is a popular way to send your best wishes to family and friends. If you are looking for the perfect Chinese New Year hamper, there are many places you can turn to. 

One option is online stores that specialize in Chinese New Year hampers, such as Red Blossom Gifts. They offer a range of packages with different price points and contents that cater to all types of budgets and tastes. Some of their most popular hampers include traditional treats like pineapple tarts, bakkwa meat slices, abalone cans, and bird’s nest drinks; along with festive items like mandarin oranges or decorative lanterns that add a special touch for your loved ones during this special occasion. 

You can also find Chinese New Year hampers at major supermarkets such as Giant or Cold Storage. Such retailers usually have an extensive selection of festive goodies from snacks and beverages to decorations; so there’s something for everyone in these ready-made packages! For those who don’t want to go through the hassle of picking out individual items from various stores, these pre-packed collections make it easy for shoppers to get everything they need in one go.


Chinese New Year hampers are a great way to celebrate the holiday season with family and friends. These gift baskets are filled with traditional Chinese delicacies and treats that help to make the occasion more special. From sweet treats like mooncakes to savory dishes such as Peking duck, these hampers offer something for everyone. Whether you choose to give one as a gift or purchase one for yourself, Chinese New Year hampers are sure to bring joy and happiness during the festive period.

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