Top Six Reasons Why LONGER Is the Best 3D Printing Companion

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Are you looking for a highly-functional and affordable 3D printer? If yes, you should shop with LONGER, which is one of the leading Chinese high-tech companies in the world.

It is rare to get a perfect balance between price and quality, something LONGER accomplishes effortlessly. There are several other things to love about this firm, as highlighted below.

  1. A Diverse Product Catalog

One of the things you will appreciate about LONGER is its diverse products catalog. It primarily deals in 3D printers, which fall under two categories: resin and FDM. Resin printers are perfect for business use, due to their heavy-duty capabilities. They include the Orange 4K, Orange 10 and Orange 30.

FDM printers are great for hobbyists and small-scale printing tasks. Under this category you find the LONGER LK4 Pro, the LK1, LK4, LK4 X and LK5 Pro. Peruse each of the product’s descriptions to know which ones to go for.

  • Versatility

Versatility is more of a continuation of the first point. You notice this element where LONGER has products for both commercial and light-duty applications. Please note that apart from 3D printers, this firm also stocks laser engravers and accessories.

Back to versatility, you have the LONGER Ray 5 engravers, categorized as 5W or 10W. The former is for small scale applications, while the latter does an excellent job for heavy duty applications.

Always pick the right product according to intended use.

  • Reasonable Pricing

The other thing to love about LONGER products are the reasonable costs. Getting a 3D printer or laser engraver is challenging to many people as they are relatively costly. This is not the case with LONGER, as the products are affordable.

Plus, they attract impressive discounts of up to 50%, something you do not encounter everyday with other companies.

  • The Affiliate Program

An incredible feature about LONGER’s online platform is the affiliate program. Here, you stand a chance of earning a commission by signing up to the referral scheme. Once accepted, you share LONGER’s products to your friends and associates. A successful referral leading to a sale earns you a commission. It can be a decent side hustle if you are good in marketing.

  • A Highly-Responsive Customer Support

When looking for a reliable company to deal with, you should look at how responsive and efficient the support center is. LONGER has a 24/7 support center that responds fast to your queries, or problems. you reach support via call or email.

  • Friendly Shipping and Returns Policies

LONGER has friendly shipping, returns and warranty policies. Shipping takes 3-21 days and can be prompt depending on your location. Also, you don’t have to pay for shipping to some countries, but you have to pay for deliveries to Australia, Canada and the UK.

For returns, you get a full cash refund within 7 days and an exchange within 30 days. After that a 12-month warrant covers the products.

Here we have it, six reasons why LONGER is the ideal 3D-printing and laser engraving partner. Shop with this firm for high-quality and reliable utilities.

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