The Mothercrystal Challenge Guide for Final Fantasy 14

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Challenges play a special role in the world of Final Fantasy 14. These are special zones that allow characters with a high level of pumping to get a large amount of gils and experience.

To increase your chance of passing through some of the most difficult zones in terms of game mechanics and boss power, you need to have good equipment.

It can be obtained by crafting, completing story and secondary tasks, or simply bought for gils.

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How to access The Mothercrystal Challenge in Final Fantasy 14

To unlock The Mothercrystal challenge, you need to reach level 89 and complete the Her Children, One and All story quest. This is the second challenge from the major Endwalker update for Final Fantasy 14.

The main mechanics of the boss skills in The Mothercrystal challenge

The boss fights with a Hydaelyn weapon and the Dawn Mantle skill will change the main weapon of the enemy to a random one and, depending on the choice, will be hit accordingly:

  • If a green staff is dropped, close range damage will be dealt to the tank and melee to the heroes.
  • Red shahram – the enemy will deal strong AoE damage, but with a safe zone inside the circle. It’s important to step back a few steps when you notice the weapon change if you’re a melee fighter, and step forward if you’re a healer or ranged character.
  • White Sword – The boss will inflict an AoE attack with a cross, making a safe zone directly in front of him, but dealing powerful damage to all distant enemies and healers.

Always destroy all crystals that will spawn in the boss fight area.

Ray Hydaelyn – A powerful blow to the center of the area where the battle is going on to dodge enough to get closer to the boss, or vice versa – to maximize the total distance with him.

Always destroy all crystals that will spawn in the boss fight area.

Ray Hydaelyn – A powerful blow to the center of the area where the battle is going on to dodge enough to get closer to the boss, or vice versa – to maximize the total distance with him.

Crystallize – an effect that will turn crystals into one of the effects like Dawn Mantle with a similar effect:

Ice will deal AoE damage in an area, hitting all enemies in the area.

The earth will place a mark on a random player, which will force the rest of the raid members to run to him.

Therefore, you need to destroy the crystals immediately after they appear on the location.

Parhelion – Deals a powerful AoE attack in two directions. Forward and backward. This means that you will need to move away from the skill in the process of departure and watch the skill when it returns, so as not to receive unnecessary damage in the back.

Parhelic Circle – will create circular areas in random places on the map, from which lines will be drawn, they will cause the main damage if you find yourself in their trajectory of action.

Echoes – You need to group together at one point to avoid damage.

Lightwaves – creates electromagnetic waves that slowly move around the boss battle area and cause damage to all players who do not have time to react and run away from the trajectory of the use of skills.

Recommendations for passing The Mothercrystal test in Final Fantasy 14

Let your tank keep the boss in the center of the play area in order to be able to get close to the head of the test in time, or increase the overall distance.

Mousa’s Scorn – the skill will cause great damage to your defender, the healer must be ready.

Heros’s Sundering – A powerful AoE with a cone trajectory, most of the damage will go to the tank and healers should always monitor his health level and keep fast healing skills at the ready.

Most of the damage will come from AoE attacks, which means that the skill will deal damage to all members of the group at once, which will increase the load on the healer, and it is advisable to use mass healing skills and potions.

Echoes – will cause huge damage to the target, keep potions and a vigilant healer at the ready.

Crystallize – the skill will inflict huge damage and kill any player, regardless of health level, in order to avoid death and damage in principle, destroy crystals as they appear and set this target to the highest priority. Dawn’s Mantle without crystals will not progress to the next phase, and players will be able to continue damaging the boss without any problems.

Spread melee fighters around the boss, not from one direction, and attack mages and other ranged classes should stand as far away from the boss as possible and be ready for back and forth maneuvers.

Distribute so that all players hit from their own direction – this is important, because periodically the boss will inflict not only circular and close AoE attacks, but also cone and linear – strikes in a specific direction. Distribution will help minimize the damage taken, and even if someone dies, it will be much easier for the healer to resurrect or heal one player than to panic heal the whole group.

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