Salary Prospects Post Skill-Lync Post Graduate Program

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Mechanical engineers are crucial to the growth of the economy and hold important roles as skilled workers with a highly specialised skill set. What kind of pay might I expect after taking a Skill-Lync PG Certification course? It is a question that students regularly ask.

This article provides an overview of the industry-standard salaries for mechanical engineers and reveals the Skill-Lync placement salary. The prior income history of students who have completed a Skill-Lync PG Certification course is highlighted in this blog. Moreover, the development trajectory of a mechanical engineer employed in the sector.

 Track Record for Salaries at Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync’s goal is to connect mechanical engineers with American employers, Postgraduate degree programmes, or both. The likelihood of gaining significant knowledge and experience that will give a distinct edge in the competitive job market increases by completing a Skill-Lync online Postgraduate course created in partnership with industry companies and experts.

More than 150 Lync students have been hired by top mechanical engineering companies since Skill-inception. These more than 150 students’ data have revealed the following trends:

1.    B Tech/ BE Fresher Upon Completion of Skill-Lync Post Graduate Course

B Tech/B.E. graduates with a Skill-Lync postgraduate degree have bright earning prospects. The pay range can change depending on the effectiveness of the interview, how well an applicant does in the various stages, and even luck, but it is purely determined by the student’s GPA; the related observations were made:

  • The expected salary range for students with GPAs higher than 6 is between Rs. 2.45 and Rs. 2.85 lakhs annually.
  • A student might anticipate an annual salary from Rs. 2.85 and Rs. 3.25 lakhs if their GPA is higher than 7.
  • The expected salary range for students with GPAs higher than 8 is between Rs. 3.25 and Rs. 3.65 lakh per year.
  • The incomes of our first-year B.Tech./B.E. students are similar to the industry average, despite the fact that these ranges are only estimates.

2.   M TECH/M.E. Graduate After Completion of Skill-Lync PG Certification  Course

Mechanical engineering M Tech/M.E. students can frequently provide a little more expertise and experience to a highly specialised career. It goes without saying that the majority of practical experience must be learned on the job due to the structure of the Indian higher education system. However, based on the patterns, M Tech/M.E. students’ incomes are marginally higher than those of B Tech/B.E. first-year students.

A rough association between GPA and the information we currently have is as follows:

  • A student might anticipate an annual pay between Rs 4 lakh and Rs 5 lakh if their GPA is higher than 7.5.
  • A pupil with a grade point average of between 6 and 7.50 can expect to earn between 3 and 4 lakh rupees per year on average.

3.   Experienced Professional After Completing Skill-Lync Post Graduate Course

If an experienced professional has absorbed all the abilities presented in the programme and has finished a reverse-engineered Skill-Lync PG certification course created in conjunction with industry businesses and experts, they can anticipate a 20 to 30 per cent income rise.


Mechanical engineering offers a variety of real-world learning, information, and experience. A B Tech/B.E. candidate lacks the qualifications to successfully carry out a demanding role. The first year is for improvements particular to the company and sector. Salary levels can reach 5-6 lakh rupees annually after two to three years. They can make 8–10 million rupees a year, depending on their performance and career choices. A higher CTC equates to more job skills.

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