Off Road Services Offered by Drogowapomoc

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The data controller is PK Productions with its headquarters in Lublinie, Wojciechowska 9A in Lublin. It can be contacted by traditional mail or email. It may also be contacted via telephone. You may also visit its website to obtain additional information about data protection.

PK Productions

With diverse skills and a full-service approach, PK Productions is equipped to handle projects that others often outsource. From conception to completion, PK Productions will provide a complete turn-key solution for your project needs.


Pomoc Drogowa Lasela – Imone POMOC Drogowa – is a transport service that provides transportation in Poland. The bus and train fares are estimated by Moovit.

Administratorem Pana/Pani danych

Administratorem Pana/Pani Danich osobowych wspolpracuje z osobowych panstw danych osobowych. This means that Pana/Pani may request ograniczation of panstwa danych osobowe. In addition, he or she can also file skargi with the organ nadzorczego, and can also complain about naruszacych.

Lasel – eksporterem drewna i wyrobow drewnianych

Exporting drewna and wyrobow to the world is a key part of Lasel’s business strategy. The company has invested in modern technologies and machinery, and is continuously seeking to improve its service. The company is located in Wroclaw, Poland.


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Profilowanie drogowapmoc is a service offered by the Operator. The information collected through this service is stored in the Operator’s servers. These servers are protected by SSL certificates.

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