Innovative ways to promote your brand on Instagram

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It goes without saying that your brand must be prominent on Instagram. It’s a social network with more than a billion monthly users that offers a fantastic marketing platform to attract potential customers worldwide. You must steadily and consistently grow your following to improve your Instagram marketing. After all, the wider your audience is that you may reach every time you post, the more people who interact with your brand and follow you on Instagram. What worked in the past won’t get you the same kind of engagement now due to the platform’s constant evolution and growth.

Although posting often is essential, your Instagram account should be promoted more robustly. Users will be more likely to trust your brand and respond favourably to the remainder of your marketing efforts if they are more familiar with it on Instagram. Check out some brands that have made it big on Instagram and download their content using Insta Reels Download.

Assuming that you have a brand page on Instagram, let us take a look at some innovative ways you can use to promote your brand today:

Launch an Instagram shop.

This strategy shouldn’t be a surprise because ever since this feature was launched, brands have been swift to set up their Instagram store. Yet, it is incredible to know how many brands haven’t utilised this feature yet. 

Even though posting regularly is essential, you should do more to advertise your Instagram account. If users are more familiar with your brand on Instagram, they are more likely to believe in it and respond positively to most of your marketing campaigns. The best companion for the impulsive shopper is Instagram. Your shoppable goods or services will appear in your follower’s news feeds along with your regular updates.

Launching an Instagram shop is a fantastic opportunity to offer prompt customer support to social media users. Customers may learn more about your brand by DMing you or leaving comments on postings, and Chatbots may be used to manage a large number of clients. Shopping reels are pretty popular on Instagram, especially those with link stickers, and you can download shopping reels using IG Downloader.

Collaborate with influencers and other brands

You can promote your brand to the audience of a content creator by using influencer marketing; the content creator also gets visibility.  If you’re looking for collaborators, consider their content and values. You want to choose someone whose ideals line with yours so that the collaboration makes sense to customers and doesn’t come off as some unconventional marketing tactic. Try to collaborate with influencers who will likely enjoy your products. In exchange for promoting your business, you can provide the creators with money, merchandise, or an affiliate commission.

Having partnerships with other brands is also a great idea. As mentioned above, ensure that your ideals align with the brand you want to collaborate with. You can benefit from each other’s audience by hosting an event, creating a product or supporting a cause. 

Promote Special Offers

Online shoppers love finding a good bargain, while Instagram users enjoy buying stuff. Almost half of Instagram users claim to shop often using the platform. Every time you are having a sale, use Instagram to highlight the wonderful aspects of your shopping experience. In addition to promoting to your audience, publishing a deal, discount coupon, or special offer on Instagram motivates users to share your posts. 

Many comments on a @H&M holiday sale post are just people tagging their friends. It’s a great approach to promote the offer and encourage organic sharing of the sale season.

Countdowns to new product launches or clearance sales

You can use Instagram to give your audiences a glimpse at new releases, launches, or product lines. You can also provide potential consumers with a way to know when those new products will be for sale by utilising the “Countdown” or “Reminder” options. This strategy builds anticipation for your offer, and when it launches, consumers receive a message prompting them to check out the products and purchase them.

Cross Promotion through other platforms

The time spent finding the perfect photo and developing a clever caption shouldn’t be wasted. It makes sense to cross-post your material to other social media sites to maximise your Instagram presence’s visibility. To increase the reach of your content, you may, for instance, promote your Instagram posts on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Cross-promotion is a sound strategy, but remember that every social media site has its own best practices. For instance, Instagram frequently uses more hashtags, but Facebook photographs may benefit from a slightly different caption.

Set up a contest or a giveaway

Consider this: brands that hold contests see a 70% faster growth in their audiences than those that don’t. It’s no coincidence that many brands’ postings about giveaways and contests generate enormous attention. When done right, social media contests can generate followers and fans, but they can also draw those looking for free stuff. To test the waters and decide whether or not competitions are something you want to explore for the long-term, we advise doing a one-time contest campaign on Instagram.


Instagram is a social networking site with a ton of potential for businesses in almost every sector. All you need is a sound plan, top-notch content, and the capacity to change course when required. It won’t happen immediately, but if you persevere, you’ll see your community grow and expand your audience. The strategies mentioned above could impact the audience your business reaches, brand recognition, and ultimately revenue.

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