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Amidst the evolving sensation of mobile app development, the integration of blockchain has offered an unparalleled user experience with transparency, decentralization, and security.

According to the stats in 2018, the global market for utility tokens was valued at around 12.8 million US dollars and is estimated to grow up to 2.6 billion US dollars by 2029. This clearly indicates that as time passes, blockchain technology is rapidly being adopted across diverse industries.

Due to the immense increase in the integration of blockchain technology in mobile apps such as wallets, and smart contracts capabilities, the demand for blockchain developers is growing. 

However, in order to harness the expertise of blockchain technology you need to thoroughly vet them for the right set of hard and soft skills. Both of these skills contribute to the development of a mobile app with smart blockchain-centric integration that has the competitive edge your business needs.

In this blog, we will first discuss a brief analysis on what is blockchain technology and basic its working principles. Secondly, we will look into the significant hard skills and soft needed in a developer to seamlessly fuse the two dynamic domains and build the perfect blockchain-based mobile app.

Let us delve right into it!

What Is Blockchain Technology?

In the most simple terms, blockchain technology leverages a decentralized and distributed ledger system that records transactions using cryptography across multiple computers. The transactions within this technology are stored in a block which are linked in chronological order with a chain, leading back to why this technology is essentially named blockchain.

Blockchain technology is immutable in nature which ensures that once data is added can never be altered or deleted without network permitability. Overall such features and decentralization nature make this technology highly secure, and transparent. The technology is used across various industries including health, finance, and entertainment leveraging the features of smart contracts, self-executing agreements, and much more.

Hard Skills Needed For Blockchain Developers 

In order to recruit the right blockchain developers, it is highly important that you vet them based on their technical knowledge of the blockchain background.

Here are a few of the most significant blends of hard skills needed in a blockchain developer:

  1. Blockchain Architecture And Platform

When you hire blockchain developers you must ensure they hold deep knowledge of blockchain networks, familiarity with structuring blocks, validating transactions, and working with consensus mechanisms. Additionally, the developer must have an understanding of working with blockchain platforms such as Binance smart chain, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and others as per the project requirements.

  1. Smart Contract Development And Cryptography Skills 

The developer you onboard must be vetted to have enhanced skills in writing and deploying smart contracts. These smart contract includes having familiarity with programming language such as Solidity, Chaincode, and other ones utilized for diverse blockchain-specific platforms. Moreover, the resources must be proficient with the ability to interact with blockchain networks and build decentralized applications using APIs.

  1. Web3 Liberies, Node.js, And Javascript

When you hire mobile app developers to build robust blockchain-based applications, it is crucial to look for immense expertise in Web3 liberties and tools. This includes Web3.js or ethers.js in order to interact well with blockchain networks and integrated smart contracts. Secondly, The developer must hold knowledge of working with languages such as JS and Node.js in order to build a strong backend that interacts well with the blockchain networks.

  1. Industry Specific Technical Knowledge And Blockchain Integration

The developer must be deeply vetted to have enhanced industry knowledge to hold proficiency in alleging the app along with the target market’s vision. Whether it is finance, healthcare, or other industries, holding domain-specific knowledge will ensure specific challenges. Moreover, it is significant that the developers hold a strong command of integrating blockchain features within apps and connecting external data using APIs.

Soft Skills Needed For Blockchain Developers 

While technical skills and as a base for filtering out the best candidates for the role of blockchain-based mobile apps, soft skills can not be ignored.

Here are a few of the most significant blend of soft skills needed in a blockchain developer:

  1. Communicational Skills 

When hire android developer , it is important to analyze their communication skills which includes proficiency in English and breaking down the technical elements to the stakeholders. Additionally, building a highly transparent environment when every problem is addressed within the earlier phase of the development cycle to not cause major issues. This empowers a highly collaborative working environment that ensures each step is well documented clearly and concisely.

  1. Problem-solving and Attention To Details

A good software solution needs to be well thought out and highly planned before execution. This is a major reason why blockchain developers must analyze security considerations, performance optimization, and scalability of the code before designing an app. Problem-solving ability on the other hand includes understanding complex blockchain concepts and finding solutions for any roadblocks within the process.

  1. Team Work And Time Management

Teamwork is one of the most crucial soft skills needed in a developer which includes being able to communicate ideas effectively through the team. Moreover, blockchain projects are usually time-sensitive which requires the ability to efficiently being able to manage time while prioritizing tasks and workload simultaneously.

  1. Legal Awareness And Customer-Centric Approach

The blockchain developer you onboard must have knowledge of the legal limitations that they need to adhere to before working on a project. This includes being aware of privacy, compliance with policies, and data protection. Additionally, your developer must be vetted to be good at understanding client-centric demands and building solutions that satisfy their digital vision.


In conclusion, it is crucial to ensure your app developer has a well-rounded knowledge base regarding app development and all the intricacies within the software development cycle.

Having proficient coding skills is just not enough to make a vision come to life. It requires the developer’s extensive technical knowledge of blockchain technology, network, APIs, and platforms. Additionally, a wide array of soft skills is needed to ensure your app’s guidelines and requirements are properly followed throughout. In order to cut costs eliminate the hiring process and find pre-vetted blockchain developers, you can always opt for staff augmentation services provided by leading software companies. This will allow you to tap into a global market of tech talent and acquire only the best ensuring top-notch time management along with skills.

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