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It is the king of sports, and therefore also the sport in which the most bets are made at Marathonbet. For a user, it is essential to have certain notions about how to bet on soccer. Therefore, within our Betting Guide, we have prepared some brief tips so that you can bet on your favorite team with the best soccer predictions.

Marathonbet Betting Guide makes your life easier with the best possible tutorials at your fingertips. This is the turn of the Soccer Betting Tutorial.

The essential tips for betting on football

We continue to offer you essential advice that you can use with the sports forecasts that we offer you. This time it’s time to talk about soccer, and nothing better than following this basic guide with the ten best tips more about football betting on the king of sports.

Betting Guide: Best Soccer Betting Strategies

Please read the points below carefully. They can make a big difference when starting to bet on the sport that everyone seems to understand but where you have to avoid a number of mistakes. We have selected the best tips for betting on football that we can offer the bettor.

Much more than a 1-X-2 bet

Although it is one of the most popular markets, betting on soccer goes far beyond a pool, a winner, or a double result. Depending on which events, you can find over 600 markets in a single match. In other words, surely the opportunity is hidden in the dropdown of bets and markets that Marathonbet marks for you. It is necessary, therefore, to know which are the largest betting markets.

Event analysis

This is basic and mandatory. It is much more common to know about soccer than about any other sport, but this does not mean that you do not have to continue doing your homework. Study the preview of a match, consult statistics, the moment of form of both teams, and their need to add, win, score or score. Call, external factors, rotations… all possible information is good!

From the call to the card cycle, through the appointment of the referee. If you bet on soccer, one of the best tips to fulfill your predictions is to be informed.

Everything can influence. Is the referee of my next game especially a cardholder? Is the defense coming from the team I am going to bet against in the draw? Does a youth goalkeeper make his debut due to an injury to the starting goalkeeper in a large stadium? Does a specific player need a goal to achieve a record?

Quota search and value markets

There are markets that tend to adjust a lot to the even odds, especially in close matches. For example “both teams score”, “more than 1.5 goals at half-time”, “total more than 2.5 goals”… For unequal matches, the favorite winning team at half-time and at the end of the match or the victory keeping the goal to zero always increases the value of your bet.

Go against the trends

In line with the previous advice, detecting trends is key when betting on soccer. Has a mid-table team gone five games without conceding away? The probability that the streak will break this streak is getting higher and higher. Has the top scorer last season gone seven games without scoring? The end of its trend will be closer and closer.

The handicap in football

Result handicap betting occupies a very important place in football betting advice, especially when two teams with opposite levels face each other. If we are in the last group stage of the European Championship, the question is not if Portugal will beat Lithuania or if Spain will do the same against Malta, but by what goal difference they will do it. You can find the odds that best match the pair without losing value. In the same way, for two teams with a similar level, betting with a positive handicap will lower the odds, but this does not mean that the bet loses value.

Live betting on soccer

Many factors of a football match only become visible after the referee’s initial whistle. What will be the training in the field? Is the player you had planned to bet on as a scorer limping? Does my team need 3 goals to avoid being eliminated in the second round of the Copa del Rey?

Betting live on football can also increase the value of your odds. For example, PSG has an odds of 1.16 against Nice in pre-match markets. However, the Licenses went ahead on the scoreboard in the 10th minute of the match due to an oversight on the part of Tuchel’s defense. What does this mean? That the 1.16 quota will grow ostensibly and your team will still have 80 minutes to turn the score around. What if you hold out until minute 30?

Avoid common mistakes

There are errors in sports betting that are repeated over time and in the long term it is good to tackle them. Here you will see some of those most repeated mistakes that we recommend you not to make.

Bet on friendly matches

They are very difficult games to predict. Although you know how to bet on soccer, when the preseason arrives, all this information ceases to have the same validity. A team of lower-level but with two more weeks of filming can make things difficult for one of the great teams in Europe, whose players are still on post-world vacation and whose coach is still testing with players from the subsidiary. In short, in the preseason, the rules of the game change completely.

Only bet on favorites

The Spanish League, to give an example, is far from the level imposed a decade ago by Barcelona and Madrid, who won the title by hovering around or even exceeding one hundred points. However, it is becoming more and more common to see the main favorites drop points against Granada, Celta de Vigo, Betis, etc.

Is it really worth betting at very low odds on the favorite? Do you know that Liverpool failed to win 18 games last season and Juventus 15?

Combine low odds

This can be a very good option to increase the value of a good soccer bet. You can combine two events of two pre-favorite teams to get a price close to @2.00.

Take advantage of the wide variety of markets

It follows the thread of the previous tip. Easier with an example. Combining two variables from the same match can offer you a noticeable increase in the odds without losing its value. Marathonbet markets offer you, for example, the possibility of combining double result bets with bets on total goals. There are tons of options available in big games.

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