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As a clothing wholesaler and dropshipping platform, FondMart provides you with a wide variety of products for a variety of niches. Its products include plus-size clothing, sportswear, and luxury items. The platform dynamically adjusts the quality of suppliers on a 60-day cycle. Moreover, it uses computer vision technology to judge the style of products. Manual assistance is also available to help you choose the best products.

FondMart is a clothing wholesale and dropshipping platform

FondMart is a global wholesale plus size clothing suppliers and dropshipping platform. Their platform offers a large number of products from more than 5,000 suppliers worldwide. They also offer private labeling services. Whether you’re a newcomer to wholesale clothing or an experienced entrepreneur, FondMart has the tools and experience to help you succeed.

The platform is free to join, and you pay for only the items you purchase and shipping costs. The platform also lets you customize packaging and logos, which can give your business a personalized look. However, one thing to keep in mind before choosing a wholesaler: Fondmart isn’t a fashion or luxury clothing store. Unlike other wholesale sites, you’ll need to be very precise about the items you plan to sell.

It offers women’s and plus-size clothing

If you’re looking for a reliable source of wholesale women’s apparel, you’ve come to the right place. FondMart offers women’s and plus-size clothing from over 5000 qualified suppliers in China. The site’s wholesale selection features a large variety of brands, sizes, and styles. Whether you’re looking for a dress or a top, you can find the perfect one at FondMart.

The website is known for its great selection of plus-size clothing for women. The company sources quality fabrics from over 650 vendors and uses the latest sewing equipment to create its top-quality clothes. Its wholesale clothing is available in many styles, and you can choose from more than one color to make your own unique style statement.

It offers luxury clothing

FondMart allows store owners to import exclusive clothing lists and sell only the finest fashion brands in dropshipping. Using this platform, Phils, a Californian full-time shopify store owner, has increased his order volume by 50% since joining FondMart three months ago. Norah, a Texas-based wholesaler, is also a customer of FondMart. She relies on the service because she needs stable suppliers.

FondMart integrates with Shopify to streamline inventory management and order fulfillment. They offer an auto-synchronization service that synchronizes shipping information, product availability, and more.

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