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Cryptocurrencies are a very controversial topic today. However, in the future will become digital money, through which all economic operations are carried out.

Today there are already many operations carried out on digital exchange platforms, transactions of large amounts with an international scope.

In terms of identity protection, the security of this type of operation is very reliable since there is a record of the processes. Still, the identity of the person who performs them is not revealed.

Decentralization is the most characteristic and striking aspect of cryptocurrencies; any banking or government entity does not control them without the intervention of third parties. Traders are using this website link to trade bitcoin as this platform is safe and efficient.

Legal bases to establish salary payments with cryptocurrencies

Some countries are already studying the possibility of implementing payroll payments for salaried workers through cryptocurrencies. Still, many aspects must be reviewed and analyzed to reach such a term.

It is an attractive scenario but, at the same time, complicated since a mutual agreement must be reached between the employer and the employee, and the latter wish to accept cryptocurrencies as the basis of their employment income.

If both parties reconcile this project, clauses and regulations will be endorsed by the defender of workers’ rights to establish everything as legally as possible.

This payment method with cryptographic currencies does not have any legal framework that supports it in the labor field by any entity, be it labor unions or labor ministries.

That is why the need arises to study and propose a complete legal framework for their benefit since, at a global level; it sets the trends in all economic transactions and operations, which have registered exorbitant figures.

The cryptocurrencies that will be used the most in labor compensation

The most important and outstanding of all the cryptocurrencies that rank first is bitcoin, which has already been in the market for a few years, creating a trajectory and credibility among users.

Another group of cryptocurrencies has also been selected as an opportunity for labor payments because they enjoy the preferences of active users in the cryptographic digital investment market; among them, we have Monero, Terra, Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance, and Altcoin.

Some countries, such as the US and South Korea, have already begun working on bills to implement cryptocurrencies as a means of payment for labor wages, which will benefit all involved. These are the statements of economic analysts from these countries.

A futuristic vision of digital money

According to all the records of how cryptocurrencies behave and operate within the markets, it is established that these digital currencies are the beginning of digital money, which will enjoy great scope without limitations under the support of blockchain technology.

This extraordinary project has not only economic scope but also environmental scope where the elimination of plastic material used for the issuance of cards by banking entities is promoted, reducing the excessive consumption of paper for registration and control of operations and promoting the use of blockchain technology.

This new form of labor trade will increase the number and capacity of value transactions in this environment.

All these changes are always based on seeking the benefit of the human being since it is the primary source of inspiration for all involved in this project, always seeking the stability of society based on tranquility and financial freedom.

In a changing world like the one we live in, laws and regulations must adapt to it, within a regulatory mandate, for a better social coexistence, in favor of equity, peace, and financial freedom that every human longing for.


The world of cryptocurrencies enjoys many benefits and advantages that it offers its users. However, people must be open to technological changes since the current currents allow outstanding achievements in the economic and financial fields.

All businesses already know about this new and innovative type of commercial exchange, which, although it has shown risks and weaknesses, has also provided profitability, popularity, profits, and control of the economy to users who have already used it.

Any entity that operates in the economy, whether it is commerce, industry, company, government, or personal private user, must know about cryptocurrencies since they are the most used digital currencies in today’s economic markets.

The labor payments made through this digital money will be more immediate, possibly reinvesting and multiplying them.

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