CBD Gummies for Premier League Players: How Cannabidiol Is Used for Targeted Relief

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In sports, doping is largely frowned upon because of the unfair advantage it offers the users. Doping is any use of drugs and substances to improve performance. Sportsmanship operates on equality laws and principles. To determine the best, regulators feel the competitors need to even the playing field. 

With that in mind, it is possible to wonder whether cannabidiol can get classified as doping. Research studies and professionals have argued about THC’s performance-enhancing features for years. What about CBD, and what does it hold for premier league players?

The Legal Status of CBD and the NFL

Most premier league players make a point to adhere to all necessary regulations as given by the boards and regulatory bodies. Before a player can go online and search CBD gummies for pain relief collection, they would need to make sure it does not lead to repercussions. In some instances, the repercussions can lead to suspension from competition and withdrawal of brand deals. 

Athletes need to consider the legal status of cannabidiol before they embark on its use. For decades the laws against marijuana use were heavy on the prohibition. The growth, sale, purchase, or discovery of cannabis in a person’s possession was illegal. At the federal level, this law remains the same. 

Starting with California, the state laws regarding marijuana use and sale have been changing. States are now agreeing to medicinal cannabis, recreational use, or both. The current statistics show that as of March 2023, 21 states allowed the legal recreational use of marijuana. Medicinal use was legal in 38 states. With new laws coming to light, the attitude towards weed, in general, will keep changing. 

Regarding CBD, the atmosphere is largely different. In 2018 the federal government passed the 2018 Farm Bill, which allowed farmers to grow hemp commercially. This bill led to the legalization of CBD, as it is one of the hemp byproducts. The other effect of the bill was that manufacturers started producing cannabidiol products in bucket loads. 

Several different brands are selling a variety of CBD products. Research into the general views of users shows a positive uptake of the commodities. 

Individuals can pick whichever products they want and what flavor contributes to general acceptance. Despite their legal status, there are some FDA regulations that manufacturers have to follow. They have to provide proper labeling as well as third-party lab tests. To make them safe, they must also use less than 0.3% of THC in the products. Some cannabidiol products have less than that amount or none. 

The NFL is one of the strict bodies that strongly advocates for fair and equal competition. They conduct tests on their athletes to determine whether they participate in sports with the help of drugs and substances. Their stance on CBD changed as a result of the 2018 Farm Bill. Cannabinoid was one of WADA’s prohibited substances, but players can freely use the products since its removal. THC remains a prohibited compound with a threshold of 150mg. 

Before 2020 the THC threshold was at 15mg, meaning that they increased it over time. According to a WADA spokesperson, increasing the threshold to 150mg was to avoid punishing players for marijuana use in the past. Their main interest is in capturing same-day use on the day of the competition and not past uses. With a threshold of 150mg, past uses would become negligible as the THC will not be in the system with such huge amounts. 

Despite WADA’s and the NFL’s change in perspective regarding THC, it is helpful for players to steer away from THC edibles. CBD gummies offer health benefits and are not illegal or unsafe for players in any way. 


How CBD Affects the Body

While not many people are interested in understanding how cannabidiol works, the information may be helpful for players. Players treat their bodies as prized possessions hence the interest in knowing what they put into them. The interaction between cannabidiol and the body is a top issue for researchers. They want to know how the company gets broken down and what this means for bodily functions. 

Analyzing cannabidiol’s interaction with the body would be futile without mentioning the Central Nervous System (CNS) and Peripheral Nervous System (PNS). These systems are responsible for most bodily functions, from sensing pain to feeling sleepy or active. Apart from the two, there is also an endocannabinoid system (ECS) which comprises components from both the PNS and the CBS. The ECS is primarily responsible for breaking down CBD. 

It comprises CB1 and CB2 receptors which are responsible for a myriad of actions within the body. Upon ingestion, the CB1 and CB2 receptors bind with CBD to effect a series of changes in the body. CB1 receptors mostly bind to THC, while CB2 receptors bind to CBD. The CB2 receptors make up the major part of the PNS and the immunological systems. 

Once the interactions occur, users report symptoms such as reduced pain and relief of anxiety and stress. The timeline of the effect mostly depends on the potency of the gummies taken in the beginning. Potent gummies will offer longer-lasting effects. The person’s metabolism and tolerance levels are also important. With high tolerance players, they must take huge amounts of cannabidiol for any effects to register. 

How CBD Gummies Can Help Premier League Players

What most people want from cannabidiol and other cannabinoid product is some targeted relief. Even players seek out gummies and edibles with a health issue in mind. Considering that it is a safe alternative to some medications, it is highly advisable to go the CBD route. These are some conditions or issues cannabidiol can help alleviate or manage.

Better Alternative to NSAIDs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are common in the sports arena. Players use them to reduce pain and other ailments. While these drugs and substances are safe, they may result in adverse long-term reactions. For instance, Ibuprofen can increase players’ tolerance levels, needing them to take more of it over time. Contrary to these chemical alternatives, CBD gummies offer players a safe and non-intoxicating option for managing their everyday problems. 

Improves Sleep

Another targeted relief use of cannabidiol is improving sleep quality. Other than the chemical reactions that induce sleep, anxiety, stress, and pain may be reasons for insomnia and other sleep issues. CBD influences sleep hormones and works on pain, stress, and anxiety. It induces better sleep quality in players and users. 

Reduce Performance Anxiety

It is common for anyone to have performance anxiety. Players must perform at high stakes with people supporting and jeering them all simultaneously. There is also the aspect of the group mentality where a player doesn’t want to fail their team. All these are reasons enough to have performance anxiety which can undermine their playing proficiency. To combat the same, the players can utilize cannabidiol gummies to alleviate anxiety and tension. 

Relieve Joint and Muscle Pain

Pain relief is one of the common uses of cannabidiol. It is safe and does not contain harmful substances that could risk players’ lives. In relieving joint and muscle pain, it is helpful to note that gummies alone may not be as effective as players may need. The gummies take a while to take effect, which may have the NFL professional suffering for an hour or two. Combining the gummies with a pain relief cream, spray, or roll-on ensures faster pain management treatment. 


Pain and discomfort are common aspects of the sports world. Players are prone to injuries, stress, anxiety, etc. Pharmaceutical treatment options have been a staple in the field, but there is reason to wonder if something is better. NFL players are seeking safer alternatives such as cannabidiol gummies, especially since they are not illegal. With the right dosage, the players can benefit from pain relief, anxiety relief, better sleep, and stress relief. They must gauge the gummies’ potency and tolerance levels to avoid adverse effects.

Tia Moskalenko wrote this article intending to offer cannabidiol information to athletes. Tia has been keen on cannabis legalization and other happenings in the marijuana sector. She has a dedication to offering relevant and timely pieces on what is happening.

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