Bulk Fishing Lures for Cheap: The Different Types Available

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There are various options of bulk fishing lures for cheap to choose from if you’re looking to stock up on some. The type varies depending on the type of fish you’re trying to catch and the conditions you’re fishing in.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the different fishing lures available so that you can select the perfect ones for your fishing trips.

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Fishing lures that resemble a spoon shape are called spoons. They work best in deep waters andcreate a unique movement and vibration underwater, which is attractive to many fish.

The metal blade will catch the light and mimic small baitfish, enticing nearby fish to strike. Fishermen use spoon fishing lures for trolling or casting, depending on the size and weight of the spoon lure. Keep the spoonat a consistent speed when trolling, ensuring that the lure has the desired action.


If you are looking for cheap bulk fishing lures, crankbaits are a great option. These baits are designed to mimic baitfish swimming action when retrieved, which is why they’re often used to catch larger gamefish.

Crankbaits come in various shapesand sizes, with many featuring vibrating sound-producing rattles inside the body to attract fish from further away.

To use a crankbait, cast out and then retrieve with a steady pace, allowing the lure to dive down and create motion before it rises again. They work great in deep water, especially around rocky areas.


Plugs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can use them to target various species.

Plugs are also popular because you can use them in shallow and deep water. They generally have a life-like design and imitate baitfish, frogs, or insects, making them great for attracting fish.

Plugs are made of hard plastic or wood and have two or three treble hooks at the rear. Many fishermen choose to use plugs when they are targeting bass, walleye, or pike. However, you can also use plugs for other specieslike trout, crappie, and panfish.When using plugs, ensure you use the correct size and color for the situation.


Jigs come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and materials and are ideal for targeting different kinds of fish. Fishermen use jigs to target almost any fish in freshwater or saltwater. They are a great option for anglers looking to catch anything from bass to salmon.

Jigs feature a weighted head with a hook molded into the body. The jig’s body is usually rubber, silicone, or plastic. Jig heads typically have a colored paint job, which helps attract the attention of nearby fish.

These fishing lures work best with live bait such as grubs, worms, or minnows. The movement of thebait causes the jig to move around in the water, making it look like a live organism. This action entices fish to bite the lure.

Jigscome in different shapes and sizes, so anglers should choose the right size and shape for the fish they are targeting.

Jigs work best when fished near the bottom of the water column, though you can also use them to target fish near the surface.

By incorporating jigs into your arsenal of fishing lures, you increase your chances of success when catching various fish species.


You have various choices when it comes to finding the right fishing lures for your next fishing trip. From spoons, crankbaits, plugs, and jigs, there is something for every situation and every type of angler. Whether you are looking for something cheap in bulk or want to try something new, you can find the perfect fishing lures for your needs.

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