Solved: Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story?

If you’re unable to include music in your Instagram stories, we’re likely to fix your issue. The ability to add music in Instagram Stories is a feature frequently utilized among users on the network. It’s easy to use. However, sometimes the feature might not function properly or isn’t available in your location. If Instagram isn’t allowing you to upload music to your posts, Keep going!

Solved: Why can’t I add music to my Instagram story?

Update the app to the latest version

You must keep your Instagram application up to the most recent version because it may fix many issues or enable features you don’t have in the current version, like the ability to include music in your Instagram stories.

  • Option 1: Go to Google Play and tap on the menu on the left. Click on ‘My Apps and then, in Instagram, in the Instagram app, click the update button.
  • Option 2 for Android: Another option is downloading the newest APK available. You can go to for a secure solution.
  • Option 2 for iOS: Go to the Apple Store and tap the icon for your account. You can refresh the site by sliding down from the top. Under the “Updates” section, make sure Instagram is listed and click Update.

Clear the cache

Try this method to see if Instagram doesn’t allow you to use music on your posts.

To clean Instagram’s cache, navigate the Settings menu > apps > show all applications. Locate the Instagram app and click the icon. Within the window that opens, select the Storage and Cache section. Click on Clear cache and confirm the operation. Return to the main settings page and choose “Force stop” or “Force close’.

Uninstall the application

If the app does not work, uninstall the application and install it again. It will erase all your information and allow you to log out of your account. Check again to see whether the feature is accessible or not. For more information please visit: korean proxy

Make sure you are connected

If Instagram cannot allow you to add music to your posts, It could be due to an issue with your internet connection. Verify your Wi-Fi connection, reset your router, and be sure that you’re in connection to the Internet. Then try again.

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What’s the reason the song I’d like to include on my Instagram account isn’t appearing?

While Instagram has a large selection of music but not all are accessible. For instance, newly released music can take weeks before it is available in the application. Also, music by obscure musicians is likely to be accessible.

Are you using business account on Instagram??

If you have an official commercial account using Instagram for business and you are a business, you could face issues when uploading commercial music that’s not royalty-free.

It’s not your fault or your Instagram account. It’s an Instagram policy. Instagram. The company recognizes that the content you share differs from what you post on your account on your company account. Additionally, the music you use in your stories will be utilized to promote your company’s brand or your product. So, it’s only possible to select tracks that have no royalty.

Look for other apps currently running.

While it’s not common, perhaps there’s an app open that listens to the sound, for example, Spotify and Shazam. Make sure to close the applications and then go back to Instagram to check whether the speaker works.


The music sticker feature isn’t accessible across the globe. It’s possible that Instagram music isn’t available for your country, making the sticker unreadable within your tray of music. A VPN will allow you to access Instagram stories in your country should you wish to include music on one.

A VPN can be used to hide the IP address of your country of residence and substitute it with the IP address of the country that has the capability accessible. There are a variety of countries to choose from for the majority of VPN applications, so be sure to ensure that you make the right choice.

How to add music to Instagram Story from Spotify?

  • Start the Spotify app installed on your smartphone, and then search for the song you’d like to include in Your Instagram Story.
  • Tap the ellipsis symbol on an album, song, or playlist.
  • There will be an open menu. Here scroll down until you find Share and then tap it.
  • In the Menu, choose “Instagram Stories,” A pop-up will ask you for your permission to launch the application.
  • Instagram app will launch, and you’ll be able to see the cover image of the album, song, or playlist on the fresh Instagram Story. If you wish for the music to be played over the cover art, you’ll have to add music by using the square smiley face icon, as we explained before.
  • Upon posting your story, you will see a hyperlink at the top of the story saying “Play on Spotify.” Anyone who views your story will be able to click this hyperlink to access Spotify and play the track, album, or playlist.

How to add music to Instagram Story from SoundCloud?

  • Open SoundCloud app.
  • Press the “ellipsis” icon and open the menu options. Select the album, song, or playlist you would like to include on Your Instagram Story and select it.
  • Choose “Stories” in the pop-up that pops up when you click Instagram. Instagram logo. Your consent to use the Instagram app can be requested via e-mail.
  • The Instagram app will launch, and you’ll be able to see the cover image of the album, track, or playlist in the newly created Instagram Story. If you wish for the music to play on the cover art, then you’ll have to add music by using the square smiley face icon, as we’ve explained previously.
  • After posting your story, the link will appear at the top of your story that reads “Play on SoundCloud.” Anyone who views your story can click the button to access SoundCloud and listen to the album, song, or playlist.

How to add music to Instagram Story from Shazam?

  • Launch the Shazam App on or off your iOS and Android phone.
  • There are two methods for finding songs: “Tap to Shazam,” which lets you find a song that you haven’t heard before, as well as “Shazam,” a tune from your library. Click on the song once it is identified to fill the screen. On the full-screen page of the song, you can tap the icon that consists of three dots vertically on the right-hand side of the screen.
  • Then, tap “Share” in the pop-up menu.
  • Choose “Instagram Stories” in the pop-up window that opens when clicking the Instagram logo. The permission you need to access Instagram’s app Instagram application can be asked in an ad.
  • Instagram will be open, and you’ll be able to see the cover image of the album, track, or playlist in the new Instagram Story. If you would like the music to be played over the cover art, it is necessary to add music by using the square smiley-face icon, as we explained before.
  • When you publish your Story, After posting your story, an image will be displayed in the upper right-hand corner of your story that reads “Play on Shazam.” Anyone who views your story will click this link to start Shazam and play the album, song, or playlist.

How to add music to an Instagram Story if you don’t have the music sticker?

  • Launch an application for streaming music like Spotify and Apple Music if you have a device to use.
  • Select the song you wish to play and then start playing it.
  • While the song is playing, head back to Instagram and create your story. The music from the phone is synchronized. You’ll not be able to create a dynamic album cover or lyrics in real-time but.

If you share an audio-only video, be mindful that Instagram will scrutinize the content of your story to determine if it is infringing copyright and if it discovers anything that violates the law, it will take down the music from your post.

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How do I know whether or not I can add music in my Instagram Story?

At times, you’ll want to verify whether any of the strategies above were successful and if you can add songs onto the account Instagram account is feasible. These are step-by-step directions to determine if the issue is resolved.

  • The camera icon in the upper right corner of Instagram’s page will permit you to log in to your account. Next to your image in the upper right-hand corner, tapping the plus symbol is another option.
  • Pick a picture or video. You can also record a video straight away.
  • Simply click on the sticker icon, and you will see a smiley face, which appears below.
  • To find out what music-related stickers you can purchase, check the area of stickers for a sticker that says “music,” or go to the top of the screen, and use the search function to sort through the selection quickly by typing “music.”
  • If the music icon appears, you can select the song you prefer by following the instructions above. If this doesn’t work, do not give up hope. You can still add songs to Instagram but without the sticker.

How do I incorporate music into my Instagram stories?

There is a chance that this app won’t be available to you due to the restrictions in your area or country. The app may not be available in your area for reasons other than those listed previously.

Why did the music-themed sticker disappear from my Instagram?

There’s a chance that a shift in the feature’s location to a spot in which the feature isn’t available could be the cause. It could also be due to an issue with the software preventing the sticker from being displayed currently.

How do I insert the music sticker on my story on Instagram?

Click the Story icon, choose a photo or video, and then sort through the stickers to find the music-related sticker.

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