Where to find the Concealed Void Lost Sector on Europa in Destiny 2

Europa brings with it several Lost Sectors. One of these, the Concealed Void Loss Sector, is located in the Asterion Abyss to the north of Charon’s Crossing.

You will need to jump onto your Sparrow from the spawning area near Variks, then make your way along the cliffs to get there. Continue until you reach the open area. Then look for a significant underground route. You will find the Lost Sector entrance on the wall on your left.

This is one of the more recent Lost Sectors Bungie has introduced in their last expansions. You will need to clear every area before an energy wall drops to allow you to explore further inside.

You will see a boss and a number of smaller enemies when you reach the end. After taking out the boss, you can open the Lost Sector cache to get some loot.

This Lost Sector has a recommended Power Level of 1210. Don’t go too early. When you reach that Power level, there will be many fallen enemies. Take a look at the Game of Warriors.

Where is the concealed void lost sector at?



You will need to travel to Europa to obtain the Destiny 2 Concealed Void Loss Sector. After landing, head towards the Asterion Abyss at the location marked above. The Lost Sector is not at the surface, so you’ll need to get below the glacial plates. However, this is easy to spot.

Why is concealing void so difficult?

Six Lost Sectors support Legendary and Master variants at the moment, with Concealed Void one of them. Because of the presence of Champions, this Lost Sector is among the most difficult. This sector is much easier to farm if you have the right build.


In the Concealed Void Lost Sector, it is difficult to give tips due to the varied modifiers for each rotation. However, due to its compact layout, you should be equipped with shotguns and/or submachine guns to deal with close-range enemies. When enemies rush you, build a build that supports consistent grenade and melee use when approaching the sector.

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