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Applinker is one of the many pre-installed apps that come with Android devices, such as rootpa, and rootpa. These are essential apps for your smartphone or tablet. Your device would not be able to redirect a link to a website or webpage to the right app without it. It is true that many people may consider the app linker to be malware or bloatware. Using antivirus software, you can confirm that Applinker is a safe and clean app.

What is AppLinker

The applinker is one of the most important pieces of software your device needs to run, and although you might want to delete it, you shouldn’t. It is not as easy to install third-party apps as usual and only works with the App Remover or with USB Debugging. You can learn everything you need to know about applinker, including how to delete it.

AppLinker android is the internal android app that redirects a site to the correct application. If you look in your internal phone apps, you can find it as AppLinker or com.sec.android.app.applinker.

There are not many details about the application, but we’ll describe its fundamental functions. Like we said before, applinker apk automatically opens within the proper app the hyperlink that has been redirecting you to a specific web page.

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What is AppLinker?

An applinker is a pre-installed system app on Samsung and other android devices that enables the device to open a webpage when a link is clicked inside an app. In addition, the app allows an app to open directly on a webpage if it is included.

Using these services, you don’t need to copy and paste the link to access a webpage or launch an app linked to a webpage from the menu. With no app linker, we would always have to switch between opening an app and a browser as needed.

What Is AppLinker’s Package Name?

With the package name, a system or third-party app can be identified in the Play Store. Like all the other system apps, AppLinker app has the package name com.sec.android.app.applinker.

A unique identifier is assigned to each app, which is translated into the package name, and is especially useful when uploading apps to the Play Store or downloading them for your device.

By doing so, com.companyname.android.name is followed. Applinker’s package name indicates that it was developed by Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

Are There Any Disadvantages Linked To AppLinker?

Every advantage has a disadvantage, and so does the applinker, although there are few of them. It takes up a lot of memory and space.

Due to its location on the phone, the app occupies storage space and utilizes the phone’s memory. Although one app may not have a great impact, the cumulative impact of several system apps can lead to Android lag, as well as low storage on your device.

One of the other major concerns is battery consumption, which reduces the phone’s charge life. Almost every time the app runs in the background, it drains the battery. As long as you have the applinker installed on your device, this cannot be undone. Fortunately, the effect is small.

Can I Uninstall AppLinker App?

AppLinker app for android is an essential application to use daily on your phone. It’s much easier to navigate the android system when you have the app installed. This is the reason we don’t advise you to remove it. Although, there is no way to remove it from the average user.

What permission does this application have?

As you might have guessed that certain apps must have specific permissions to function correctly functioning on your device. The only permissions required for this app’s internal use are those listed below:

  • Phone
  • Storage

AppLinker is a safe application, or is it a virus?

AppLinker as you might have spotted by reading the information in this article, is a typical usage app on the Android system. This means it isn’t appropriate to treat it as malware, virus, or bloatware.

It is possible to experience the situation of encountering an error that refers to this particular file. However, it could also be caused by other functions or deleted important files from your Android. The best option is to do a factory reset on your phone in these instances. This can be done by accessing your phone’s Settings, Then going to Security, and finally reset and restoring.

We hope that we have clarified for you the meaning of AppLinker and why it’s useful. If you still have questions, please inform us, and we’ll be happy to help you with your questions.


Applinker is available on Samsung devices running Android OS. The app redirects a link on an app to a webpage, and a webpage to the desired app, so no back and forth is required. It is neither malware nor bloatware. As long as it remains in the device, it consumes battery life, space, and RAM. You can permanently delete it with the System App Remover or the USB Debugging option.


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