Top 10 Best Smihub Alternatives You Can Use In 2022

SmiHub One of Instagram’s most popular features is the ability to share videos and photos in stories that run for 24 hours. An individual can send his story, and it is immediately visible to people who have seen the story. There are many legitimate reasons to read another person’s story but make sure that their identity isn’t known to the specific person.

However, there are methods that can help you be completely anonymous when you are looking through Instagram stories or even getting access to your own profile. Internet-based services such as SmiHub will allow you to navigate Instagram and all the other user profiles it hosts in total privacy.

Top 10 Best Smihub Alternatives You Can Use In 2022

In this article you will learn more about SMIHub. Here are the details:

The tools come with a variety of features that permit users to use Instagram forms, even though they’re not registered with the most popular social network platform.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best SmiHub platforms that are available. We’re able to confidently recommend this software based on our personal experience with each one of them.


One of the most important aspects to consider is a simple to use interface. Do not compromise on this attribute and pick the tool that conforms to an elegant design that is easy to use.

The choice must allow users to browse Instagram in their own way and provide easy anonymity to users of the forms that they would like to view on the platform.

Search for apps that have an extension for your browser to allow access to Instagram more simple.

A tool that allows users to save their stories to view offline is a bonus feature you should look for when selecting an Instagram audience. Also, look into ways to assess the effectiveness of your Instagram marketing.

Facts: Instagram has seen an increase of 17.0 per cent within Western Europe. It was able to surpass 132.8 million users by 2020 and is expected to be at 149.7 million in 2024. According to Instagram, more than 500 million users are using Instagram stories each day. Furthermore, 58% of users who watched reported that they were more likely to purchase the product or service after viewing it on stories.

#1) Qoob Stories (Advised).

Qoob Stories (Advised)

Qoob Stories is the finest for large-scale Instagram Content downloaders.

Qoob Stories is an incredibly efficient Instagram Story viewer as well as a massive downloader of all content posted through the platform for social sharing. It assists with the downloading of almost everything posted on Instagram. This includes photos, stories and videos. It can also done from both private and public Instagram accounts.

Qoob Stories only need you to sign up with the username you would like to access and instantly gives you the ability to access their stories without revealing them. It is also possible to download images and videos in high-quality with metadata from Instagram accounts.

You could also automate the whole story saving process by connecting your preferred account to Qoob’s Qoob Instagram Story Downloader and Viewer. It will immediately start downloading content from that account on your mobile device or device for computers.


  •  View Instagram stories from both public and private profiles.
  • Download high-quality images and videos that have metadata using Insta accounts.
  • Automatic downloading of Instagram profile content.
  • Post captions conserving.
  • Advanced download and arrangement options.

Decision: Qoob Stories is an amazing tool that lets you download any picture, video or story you want, regardless of whether it’s part of an account own by a person or government agency. The ability to download content directly from your preferred Instagram account automatically is the highlight feature of Qoob Stories.

#2) Instalkr.


The best option for Anonymous Snapchat Story Viewer.

Instalkr offers an online service that is unlike others. It can be utilized for immediate access to an Instagram account without having an account of your own. Through the guidance of Instalkr, you are able to anonymously search for an Instagram account and view their stories, members, as well as likes and comments without being seen.

The tool can take you to show you posts or stories which have been removed from the Instagram account. You can also not only see stories but also download pictures and videos of every Instagram account you like. Also, you can find out the method of downloading Instagram video content.


  • View stories anonymously.
  • Access to stories that have been erase by videos, images, and other media.
  • Download videos and images.
  • It is free to use.

Decision: All Instalkr requires from users is a username, and it gives you immediate accessibility to every Instagram description you want, as long as it’s an open account. It’s easy to use, extremely fast and doesn’t cost any money. It’s a great instrument to keep an eye on or track the account that is of value to you.

#3) Instagram Story Audience.

Instagram Story Audience

The best option for An anonymous Instagram Account review.

The best thing that can blow you away about SmiHub’s clean interface. It’s tidy, clean and clutter-free and helps users with navigating straight to the business. It greets you by displaying an email box asking you to create your username in a short time.

When you sign up to the online support with a username, the application will immediately provide you with access to the specific account. From this point, you are able to view anonymous articles, look up whatever you’d like to find, and even download any content you want with just two clicks.

The tool also allows you to review a particular account in relation to its comments, likes, and number of followers.


  • Browse anonymously Instagram accounts.
  • View stories.
  • Download videos and photos with the appropriate links.
  • Review likes, comments and followers.

Choice: It doesn’t get much easier than SmiHub. The user interface, with its elegant design, is simple to navigate and use. It’s an excellent service for those who want to get a quick of an individual’s Instagram account. In addition, it is completely free to use.

# 4) Ingramer.


The best Instagram marketing tool to market your business.

When you consider the other tools in this checklist, Ingramer identifies itself as an entirely different beast. It’s a social media selling tool that allows companies to tap into Instagram’s massive audience to gain traction to promote their product or service.

Like a standard Instagram, Story Audience is a tool to help in downloading videos and photos from Instagram. The content can then be used for entertainment or marketing purposes. The features for viewing accounts were designed to gather information about customers, competitors and other influencers through the app.

This tool is used to build a loyal user base, communicate with clients via Chatbots and direct messages, and boost the reach of one’s business through regular posting on Instagram. It’s quite remarkable when it comes to scheduling posts, studying the trending hashtags, and even creating hashtags that are your own.


  • Downloader for video and photos.
  • Arranged publishing.
  • AI-Generated hashtags.
  • Stories viewer.

The decision: Ingramer isn’t your traditional audience for stories. It’s primarily used as a marketing tool on social networks which focuses specifically on Instagram users to help companies to increase their profits. This can be use as a profile viewer that provides valuable information about competitors or influencers as well as target customers on Instagram.

# 5) InstaDP.


Ideal for storytelling audience and downloader.

InstaDP provides users with an easy way to download and view stories from their close friends and favourite celebrities prior to their disappearance. It employs the tried and tested method of copying a username after processing, which allows you to browse the profile of your request anonymously and download files without the knowledge of the account’s owner.

The service on the internet doesn’t stop in the form of stories. It also lets you download videos, images and drawings in their original resolution. The program is Auxiliary with an interface that adheres to the admired minimalist principle.


  • User-Friendly UI.
  • Read stories anonymously.
  • Download videos, reels and images in an instant.
  • Free to use.

The decision: InstaDP lives up to its name, offering the internet a tool that lets you download content from any popular Instagram account in a matter of minutes. It allows you to securely access every account, save their content, and examine your profile, all while remaining secure. The fact that it’s free to use also is reason enough to include it in this list. Also, you can find out the steps you can download the video.

#6) Stories IG.


The best option for speedy and secure Instagram account access.

Stories IG is a new addition to an array of amazing storey viewers that emphasize minimalistic design over a messy user interface. It is immediately greeted by a text message which asks you to change the username for an account you’d like to access. It is your choice to accept the username, and the online tool process it and allows users to access anonymously everything on the account if it’s publicly accessible.

It’s a simple tool and easy to check out. It is not only possible to view and download stories using this program, but also download and browse videos, photos and other media on your Instagram account. Beyond the above advantages that you have, you can also publish the stories you create using this tool on other social media platforms.


  • The private access to Instagram accounts.
  • Standard – Standard.
  • Download stories, videos and photos.
  • Share content via social networks.

Decision Stories IG places simplicity over all others. It is the result of a system that is quite important, but it eventually completes its task without any problem. The internet service is brimming with ADS. However, that’s a fair price in order to get a machine that is completely free to utilize.

# 7) StoriesDown.


Ideal for quick and instant viewing of stories.

StoriesDown gives you exactly what you want from a story-viewer. You can get an Instagram account with no existing account. You can view the stories anonymously and download the content you need to save cash on your mobile device or personal computer.

It’s designed with stunning images that ease you into its grip. It has a prominent textbox that requires you to enter the username you wish to be able to access. You don’t want to create an Instagram story to be your own or engage in a non-essential registration to view stories you’d like to see. Plus! You can download photos and videos with no loss of initial quality.


  • Confidential Story Viewing.
  • Download premium materials.
  • Free to use.

Decision Similar to StoriesIG, StoriesDown is simple and straightforward to run using all the features that you need to view Instagram stories in private. In contrast to the other, however, it isn’t going to hammer users with ADS. It’s also quite visually appealing than an application that costs nothing.

# 8) IGStories.

Stories IG

The best app for viewing, downloading and sharing Instagram stories.

IGStories is only a small component of the social media marketing tool that is Upleaf. In contrast, Upleaf is focused on providing an all-inclusive Instagram marketing solution. IG Stories emphasizes anonymous storytelling.

All IGStories would like you to do is to copy or enter an Instagram user name for an account you would like access to. Once it has processed the request, it will look up the content of the account anonymously. You can read stories, or download them, save pictures as well as videos on the account high-quality and then upload them to other social network platforms.

If you’re looking for ways to reap more benefits of IGStories, You can instantly take the first step to join Upleaf. Upleaf is a great option. Upleaf, you can choose services that will help you grow your profile on Instagram.


  • Anonymous Instagram account browsing.
  • Download, watch and share photos, stories and videos.
  • No Instagram account or registration account is require.
  • Switch to Upleaf to increase the efficiency of your profile on Instagram.

Decision IGStories is an important but small part of Upleaf’s vast ecosystem. It allows you to view how you can download, share and download Instagram stories, videos, and images in a completely anonymous manner. While Upleaf is charge for marketing services, IGStories can be run by anyone free of charge.

#9) Confidential Instagram.

Confidential Instagram.

The best way to get start is with public Instagram accounts.

We bet you that it’s not going to get more important than Instagram. The app has an unrestricted purpose of accessing Instagram Accounts to view stories in a secure manner. The first thing you see is an SMS box, which requires an account username from you.

Type in or copy an email address into the package, and in minutes you’ll be able to access the particular account. After gaining access to your account, you will be able to access your account anonymously to view stories, images and videos here. However, you’re not able to do anything other than that.

It isn’t possible to download content or share them on Confidential Instagram that could make some people stay away from the application.


  • Basic and Simple UI.
  • Log in to Instagram’s public Instagram Accounts in a matter of minutes.
  • Log in or sign-up is not require.
  • It is free to use.

The decision If you’re looking for the ability to access instantly an Instagram Account that is, then this online help is ideal for you. There’s nothing more in the service. You can view Instagram content without revealing your identity; however, you are unable to save these on your device. If downloading is an option you are looking for, you’d be wise to take a look at the other apps listed that are listed here.

# 10) Instastories.


The best way to view Instagram highlights and stories anonymously.

With its easy-to-use capabilities, Instastories is fun to utilize. It is possible to access any public Instagram account by using an account name. There is no registration or account required. You can visit this website with an authentic username and immediately gain access to any public account you wish to access.

You can view highlights, stories, images and videos without being monitored by the account holder. Additionally, you can download the content in high-quality. Although it’s pretty visually appealing the interface, it can be a bit confusing to master.

It was a challenge finding the right textbox to create an account, which felt like it was covered by an abundance of irrelevant details. But once we found the textbox, we didn’t have any reason not to be unhappy.


  • Unanonymously view photos, stories, videos and highlights.
  • There is no need for registration or account.
  • Download materials in high quality.

Decision: You can’t get any easier than SmiHub. Apart from a difficult user interface Instastories is an enjoyable and easy tool that can satisfy the needs of your Instagram Story Watching demands. From account access that is secure to high-quality downloads, the program performs all of its tasks with maximum efficiency.

Most Frequently asked questions.

Q# 1) Is there a way to access Instagram stories without having an Instagram Story audience?

Answer Yes, you can enable Airplane Mode in either your Android or iPhone device to browse stories without revealing your identity on Instagram. However, you won’t be able to enjoy the top-quality of other features Instagram viewers offer, for instance, such as accessing Instagram without an account or saving the story.

Q 2) What is the depth of Instagram Stories in common?

Answer The answer is that a single Instagram story can last 15 seconds of continuous use. Stories that are longer are divided through the app or the website into a series of 15-second videos.

Q 3) Does an Instagram user figure out how many times their post was seen by one person?

Answer: At present, there aren’t any features that let you know the number of times that a particular viewer has seen your post. Instagram only count the number of views by a viewer.


There is a myriad of reasons to browse Instagram account without revealing their identity. If it’s to look on the profile of a competitor and understand an influencer’s reach or monitor your child’s account as father and mom or dad, an Instagram Stories Viewer application is sought-after by many. SmiHub can’t be beat.

All the tools listed above allow you to do this with precision. They let you anonymously view the story, download it in high-quality, share the content online, and then publish everything on any account that you own.

In terms of our suggestions, if you are looking for a secure Instagram Story viewer that allows automatic downloading of material, go for the simple Qoob. If you want to market your social network on a larger scale as well as basic features to track your profile, Ingramer will be enough.

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