Fast Clicking – How to Click Faster?

If you’re here, you are probably frustrated by the slow speed of your clicks, don’t you think? It’s over now.

When you exit this blog, I’ll give you two more clicks per second in click speed.

Read below the proven methods which will answer your query ‘How to Click Faster’ in an exact manner. This guide explains how to do Fast Clicking, Butterfly Clicking, Jitter Clicking, and Drag Clicking in games.

Fast Clicking - How to Click Faster?

How to Click Faster in Games?

1) Practice Clicking Techniques

When I speak of clicking methods, I am about three well-known methods in the world, i.e., jitter clicking, drag click, as well as butterfly click.

I’ll explain what each one of them is in the future. However, before this, I’ll show you how these methods will make your clicks speedier.

If you are able to practice these methods and techniques, you’ll be able to use your hands’ muscles in a way that allows you to register more clicks than regular hand movements.

To learn more about these clicking techniques, You can read my tutorials on each placed on the Google number 1 position.

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2) Use a Gaming Mouse

Using a gaming mouse will make it easier to click when playing games. If you don’t own it, purchase one now. It won’t be the case if you try to imagine achieving a high speed of clicking without having a high-quality mouse.

We suggest the Razer mouse because it’s the fastest click mouse we tested.

3) Play clicker Games

Clicker games are my method of testing and proving to help you learn quick clicking. Don’t even question how it’s always successful since it’s game!

Games are an enjoyable activity. However, when you love learning and enjoying it, your brain can learn much faster than it ought to.

4) Place your hands in the correct position

Keep your finger close to the mouse. In between clicks, do not move your finger too far from the mouse or keep your finger close to the mouse. Press the mouse lightly. Please don’t put too much pressure on your mouse, or it could move out of place. In addition, it could reduce how fast you click.

Make sure you be able to hold the mouse well, or your mouse may fall out of your fingers.

Be sure that your hand isn’t doing anything else, like scrolling.

If you’re performing nothing and have the other hand, you can utilize both hands. Place both fingers on the mouse and then alternately click across your hands. Create a rhythm within your head, then put it in your hands.

If you aren’t clicking at a fast enough speed, Try an auto-clicker, provided it’s legal in what you’re doing. Some gaming servers don’t allow auto-clickers. 

5) Take Advantage of Auto Clickers

With the auto-clicker, you can attain a staggering mouse clicking speed of 5000 clicking per second.

There are numerous auto clickers, both paid and free, available on the market. You can pick one or look through our list of the top auto-clicker software to cut down on time.

Notice: Owners of Razer mice can configure their auto clicker by using Razer Synapse, the company’s official software. Razer Synapse.

6) Use a mouse instead of Laptop trackpad

Let’s face it, we all have a common understanding of this. Utilizing a mouse instead of a laptop trackpad can have a considerable impact. In the least, we can observe an increase in speed when we compare the clicking rate of the mouse with the speed of the click that the trackpad can provide.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you try it out for yourself. If you notice an improvement in your cps, why not keep doing it.

Jitter Clicking – How to Jitter Click?

Jitter Click is a new method of using the mouse to increase clicking speed. You can use a particular type of clicking known as “Jitter Clicking” to get more than double the clicking speed compared to regular clicking.

What is Jitter Clicking? Jitter Clicking is a method of clicking where you press the mouse at a high rate to create hand vibrations at a controlled rate and transmit those vibrations to your finger, which results in several mouse clicks in just a few minutes.

Drag Clicking – How to Drag Click?

For a competitive advantage in a game like Minecraft, where high clicks per second are required, users often try various clicking techniques.

You can use techniques such as drag clicking, tap clicking, and Fazer tapping to get as many as 32 CPS and more.

Do you know how to drag click? This clicking method involves dragging your finger across the left or right mouse button in a forceful manner, causing more clicks to be registered by your mouse.

Butterfly Clicking – How to Butterfly Click?

In games like Minecraft PVP, where high clicks per second are required, users often use the butterfly clicking technique to gain an advantage over their opponents.

How does Butterfly Clicking work? Clicking with your middle finger and index finger produces more clicks by registering more clicks as fast as possible.

Wrapping up with a Few important Points on How to Click Faster

  • Don’t overstrain your fingers during fast clicking. It can cause carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • An excellent gaming mouse can make a huge difference.
  • You only need a little clicking practice in Bedrock Mineplex because PE players can’t typically click above 6-7 CPs.
  • We have found that drag clicking is the most efficient method of clicking.

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