How to Fix Google ChromeContinue Where You Left Off? (2022)

Chrome is a browser that is always improving. They’re always eager to add features to the browser that make life easier (do they really?). Such features include Continue where you left Off. One interesting aspect of this feature is that it will work on any Chromium-based browser. This feature is particularly useful if you are using Microsoft Edge or Opera. Recently, many users began reporting issues with the same in their Chrome browsers. Here, we’ll explain how to resolve Google ChromeContinue where you left off.


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However, lately, google chrome browser has been receiving a lot of complaints regarding it’s Google ChromeContinue where you left off feature isn’t working.

After analyzing all complains, we discovered that the issue was indeed real. Google Chrome web browser was not beginning where users had left. Instead it opens with just the one tab.

  • Some of the details about the reasons why these events occur with the Google chrome web browser.
  • Also, I will offer some possible options to fix the ChromeContinue issue that you could take into consideration while tackling the issue.

Google ChromeContinue Where You Left Off

There are a few basic Chromecontinue usage scenarios in this article. I’ll explain a few of them to provide more clarity.

  • The principal purpose of ChromeContinue is to let you reopen to restore the previous session. It allows you to go back where you left off your browsing.
  • You can continue browsing on a different device, as it lets you transfer your browsing experience from one device to the next.
  • You don’t require any additional software to perform the process of browsing.


  • It could be helpful for the transfer of your information between devices to restore the previous session.
  • You don’t require any additional software to access this session.


  • To keep your devices open, you should keep your email ID synced.
  • If you the mistake of resetting the chrome on your device, you won’t be able to reset your previous session.

How To Fix ChromeContinue Where You Last Let Off issue?

There are two options you can utilize to access the old Google pages you visited during your last web session. Let’s look at each method in turn.

Method 1: Looking For The Settings

The steps I’m about to discuss below are those that are executed in this version on the computer of Google Chrome browser. It is possible to do this with your mobile device, but you’ll need to change your setting of your browser for desktop to.

Step1: Open Your Google Chrome Browser

The first step will be to start the Google Chrome browser.

Step2: Choose the Settings Option

When you open after opening your Chrome browser, you’ll be able to see the menu with three dots on the top right corner. If you click on the dots the Google Chrome customizable tab will pop up.

Then, click the option to set the settings in the tab you’ve opened.

Step 3: Scroll Down and locate the “Continue from where you started” option

After you scroll down until the end of the beginning section. You’ll be able to select the “Continue where you let off” option.

These four steps will assist you in continuing on the same web page you had a break in your previous session. We’ll now discuss the second option, which is where you’ll receive the latest updates.

Method 2: Update your Chrome

This method is highly effective because it installs the new updates and removes all the bugs during the time of the new installation. This method could be more complicated in comparison to the earlier one.

The steps below will allow you to continue with the session you completed.

Step1: Open Run Command

Click on the Windows search bar, and search for “Windows+R”, to run the Command Prompt.

Step2: Enter the Data You Want to Go For

Then enter the following address to get to the specified address.

C:\User\your username\app data\local\Google\Chrome\User data

Note:If you have one profile, then the name will appear as “Default” and in case you have multiple profiles the username will be “profile 1”, “profile 2” and then from there. ]

Step3: Copy Your Google History and Data

Copy the profile and protect the folders on your PC to ensure the entire Google data as well as Search history isn’t lost. Keep these files in a secure place that you can access them quickly.

If, however, you wish to know how to erase your search history, then you can an examination of How to Remove your Google Search History.

Step4: Go to Control Panel

Again, type”winkey “Windows+R” and search for the “control panel”. When you have clicked in the Control Panel, you will be able to the option to uninstall a particular program in the options listed within the control panel window.

Step 5: Search for “uninstall a program”

A list of programs installed will be displayed at the top of the page. Then click on “uninstall a program.”

Step6: Uninstall Google Chrome

Choose Google Chrome in the dropdown menu of available programs. Remove Google Chrome from your computer.

Step7: Reinstall Google Chrome

When the program is removed then restart your computer. This isn’t just concerning Google Chrome; whenever you uninstall a program, you must restart your computer. Then, Download and install Google Chrome. Google Chrome web browser from any browser you have, such as internet explorer on your PC.

Step8: Fill Previous User Data

Then, go to the user information file of Google chrome that you saved in the previous step. Copy and paste the folder back where it was.

Step9: ChromeContinue Problem Solved

When all steps are done correctly You will notice that the ChromeContinue Where You Left problem has been solved without losing your entire information.

Which Method Is Best For ChromeContinue Where You Left?

It all depends on your preferences. If you’d like the most recent versions, simply copy your user’s data, save them to a different location and then uninstall the Chrome browser. Then, you can install it again and then fill in the data of your user. If you’re finding it difficult, choose the first option. The first method won’t give you the updated versions but it’s much easier. Hope the Google ChromeContinue Where You Left Off issue is resolved.


If you follow the steps I’ve mentioned previously you will find it an easy task for you to fix Google ChromeContinue Where You Left Off issues. After you’ve tried these techniques you’ll be able to observe that Chome opens the previous pages on the web and tabs that the user was working in in your prior internet session. I hope that this article helped you solve your Google ChromeContinue Where You Left off’.

What’s wrong with Chrome not going back to where I left off?

It is necessary to start the new tab page or open one specific pages to create the page. Click on the tab for startup to the left. Close the browser and then relaunch it. This will enable you find the exact pages that you were.


How can you keep going exactly where you started?

There are many steps you can follow if you are looking to go back from where you started.

  • The chrome browser session.
  • Select the Chrome button located in the upper right-hand corner in the Chrome window.
  • You can select the settings.
  • Select the radio button under the startup menu where you taken a break.
  • The final step is closing the browser in Chrome.

What can you do to keep chrome from opening that you have left?

It is possible to open the chrome and then select the vertical three dots found in the corner that is upright. Select the Settings section from the dropdown and then click the advanced option.
Then, you’ll be able to scroll down to the advanced option under the heading for the additional system when you wish to toggle and launch Google Chrome for the closed-up button.

Why does Chrome open my previously opened tabs?

Chrome has settings that will run during the last session. You can disable the settings of Chrome to make it the best browser apps. Chrome can be stopped from opening older tabs. To ensure that you continue to use the chrome application, you must adhere to this process.

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