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No Supported App for This NFC Tag” Pop-up Meaning

Most high-end phones use NFC technology. It is not only possible to use small NFC tags for phone-to-phone communications, but more petite NFC tags can also be used to store and transport data. Why does my phone keep telling me that my NFC tag isn’t working?

Both before and after dispatching the tag to your app, the Android system (or, more specifically, the NFC system service) displays “NFC tag type not supported.”

NFC system service filters MIFARE Classic tags and never tells apps about them.

Fix “No Supported App for This NFC Tag” Pop Up

It’s possible to get an error message when your device is in contact with an NFC-enabled device, such as a credit card, a tag, or a metro card.

If you’re not using NFC, turn it off, so this warning doesn’t appear.

It’s common to see NFC tags next to ads at bus stops, stickers in stores, and even business cards with NFC functionality.

What is no supported app for this NFC tag?

NFC (Near Field Communication) allows you to send and receive data with your phone.

Pay for goods, access websites, and more with your phone near an NFC reader.

A range of data can be store d in these tags, from web addresses or contact information to links to the Google Play store apps.

Depending on the circumstances, the tags can also serve as barcodes, QI codes, and Bluetooth and are a quick and easy way to send information to your phone.

How Does The NFC Tag Work

Activating NFC tags requires an active device to get into range, so they are passive devices without a power source.

The downside is that these devices can’t really process data themselves; instead, they’re just used to transfer data to another device that can.

This isn’t going to be very technical, but you can generate electromagnetic waves by coiling wires, then pick them up and convert them back to electricity.

Despite being less powerful, it’s remarkably similar to what wireless charging systems do.

I won’t get into too much detail here. Still, it basically works by coils of the wire creating electromagnetic waves, which then are picked up and converted into electricity by another coil of wire.

Similar techniques are used in wireless charging technology, but they are much less powerful.

How to Fix “This NFC Tag Doesn’t Support Any App” Pop-Up

In order to avoid this annoying pop-up, you can turn off the NFC and payment features. However, for some people, NFC is an essential feature, so we’ve included other solutions as well.

A) Invest in an RFID-blocking wallet.

When you want to keep all of your cards but don’t want to see them again, you can purchase an RFID wallet case that makes the cards electromagnetically opaque, so the NFC reader will not be able to detect them until they are removed from the wallet.

Using this method prevents both NFC skimming and RFID skimming.

B) Sandwich a piece of paper between the phone and the cards.

Using a sheet between the cards and the phone is an excellent alternative to a wallet cover if you don’t want to buy one.

You should fix the pop-up problem by using a 1.2mm aluminum sheet.

You can wrap your cards in a piece of newspaper if you can’t find a sheet that thick.

C) Disable NFC on your device.

You can quickly fix this by turning off NFC on your phone, but you’ll have to do it.

You can turn it back on to make contactless payments with Samsung Pay or a similar app.

Here are the steps to follow if you agree:

Step 1: Go to the App Drawer and open the Settings app.

Step 2: Click on the dropdown menu next to “Connections.”

Generally, devices with NFC are located under the “Connections” menu, while other devices have it under the “Bluetooth & device connection” menu. Try searching for it in “Settings” if you cannot find it.

Step 3: Turn off the NFC toggle switch. In most cases, the pop-up will disappear once you turn off the NFC toggle switch.

D) Sign up for Samsung Pay with your credit and debit cards.

As previously stated, unregistered cards can also cause this issue.

Your bank cards may be able to solve the problem if you register them with Samsung Pay.

Please note that this will not work if you keep public transportation or any other cards with an NFC tag.

Due to this limitation, Samsung Pay cannot accept any payment types other than credit or debit cards.

You can also disable NFC and payment from the notification panel.

If you can’t turn off NFC, visit this page.

You can disable NFC and payments through the notification panel as well. If you are having trouble turning off NFC, please visit this page.

What is RFID blocking, and how does it work?

It works by preventing RFID readers from detecting the tag. You can purchase an RFID blocking wallet to prevent unwanted scanning and the “No supported app for this NFC tag” pop-up on your phone.

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