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One of the most important aspects of the Code Vein is companionship. They help the player heal and distract enemies who can be challenging to defeat and hit hard during combat. Their constant dialogue could be worn out; however, their value is far greater than their stale remarks.

Code Vein

A standard feature of the game is making romantic connections with NPCs. With the Fire Emblem Three Houses its popularity, romance is on everyone’s minds when playing an exciting new game with well-constructed companion characters.

When a game has AI players, one of the first questions that players ask is, “Will there be romance?” The answer is no. There doesn’t appear to be any romance with the characters in Code Vein. Based on the same question, which was first reported in 2018 and resurfacing during the beta phase in July 2019 and then again in the days leading up to the official release, There is no sign of romantic interest with any of the characters.

Based on my limited experiences with the game and Reddit subjects, it is possible to form friendships but not romantic ones between the players.

In the case of companions and support on the home base, it isn’t easy to describe it as a building of relationships. It is a secondary function; however, it is great to play. When a player gives valued items to NPCs, who will receive better quality items in return, for example, if you offer Coco the items she likes, she’ll eventually reward you by granting you her Mercury Blood Code.

While there is no suggestion of romantic possibilities, you can make friends with the characters for better quality merchandise.

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Romantic Options in Code Vein

We now know that romance is not allowed within Code Vein, you might think about what else in your wildly diverse group of characters. The answer is to lead them into battle. Or, you can have a good time in the sauna at the headquarters.


Code Vein is quite story-heavy and you can expect that your friends will talk to you on a daily basis. Although they’ll not engage with you in a way, you are able to develop friendships with them and that could end up in them giving you special weapons and items. It’s more scientific than it sounds initially however, it serves the purpose of playing at the very least.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can you play with a friend in Code Vein?

To play with a partner to play with a friend in Code Vein, there’s a few other considerations to be made about, including a unique eight-character password. Code Vein is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

What are companions in Code Vein?  

Companions are an exclusive NPC kind within Code Vein, that joins the player in forming an entire group to explore on the field. Companions are add ed during the course of the game, and only one can active at any given moment.

Who is the best partner in Code Vein?  

Code Vein: Who is the Best Partner 1 Yakumo Shinonome. The second character companion users will meet, Yakumo is the first tank character that hits just as the force. 2 Io. Io will be a player that the player encounters when they revisit the past of Leda Io, or a particular task during the gameplay. 3 Jack Rutherford.

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