Business advantages of Migrating to Office 365

Companies and organizations around the world are at a crossroads in today’s cloud-driven business environment. You need to decide whether to keep your IT infrastructure on-premises on internal servers or move it to a cloud-based platform like Office 365.

Despite the fact that many businesses build their data, communications, and email management solutions on-premises, Migrating to Office 365 platforms has been far easier, and more user-friendly, and it ultimately proves to be the more profitable option, regardless of the size or niche they operate in.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is an all-in-one infrastructure solution that includes a suite of apps and services designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes manage their data, email, documents, sheets, chats, and communication channels. 

  • Update
  • License
  • Server maintenance
  • Security issues

Through Office 365, businesses can use the Microsoft Office software suite as long as they pay a subscription fee, but they also have access to Microsoft’s rich set of cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings. Optimization for any business environment. All Office 365 pricing plans include licenses and automatic updates for apps, tools, and software.

How reliable and secure is Office 365?

Perhaps security and reliability are still the main issues preventing certain companies from moving completely to the cloud. Data safety should be one of your top priorities. As such, some business leaders still question moving their businesses to third-party online platforms. For basic protection against unauthorized breaches and data theft of Office 365, this SaaS is fully protected by Azure Rights Management. Azure RMS is a cloud-based security service that uses identity/authorization policies and encryption to secure all data stored on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Indeed, no data storage system is 100% shatterproof by itself. That’s why big companies like Microsoft develop additional software to keep up with the latest hacking trends and keep their customers and their valuable data as safe as possible. This is where the Microsoft Trust Center and Office 365 Security Analytics Service come into play. For those who don’t feel completely safe even with this level of security, there is plenty of additional software available to help protect your data from potential security breaches, phishing, and theft. As for the reliability of this system, according to Microsoft, every Office app, tool or service is available with a 99.9% uptime and service guarantee.

Reasons to switch to Office 365:

Moving to Office 365 seems like a cheap solution at first glance, given the scalability, the resources and tools provided, and the overall ease of use with the user management features and real-time customer support that Microsoft provides. maybe not. The office offers 365 has proven to be a better, cost-effective, long-term solution for startups, agencies, SMBs, and enterprises. Moreover, when the users opt for Office 365 Migration service provider, they can also take advantage of Cloud Hosted VDI which helps users easily access their confidential data from anywhere with maximum security.


Many hosting providers offer cloud solutions, but migration services are difficult, and you need to find the best way to handle the whole migration process. Hosting service providers such as Apps4Rent are solely responsible for ensuring the availability of the Office 365 platform. These providers are also experts in providing backup services like Azure Cloud Backup Services which help users to retrieve their data anytime and from anywhere which was backed up earlier by your services provider. This makes them an ideal partner to choose for the services.

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