What is AmmoSeek ? Is Ammoseek Not Working or Down?

In this article, we will discuss Ammoseek. Our team recently had the opportunity to interview Mike & Marc, the owners of Ammoseek.com, to find out how they intend to create a one-stop-shop where you can get the best prices on ammunition and other products in one place.


What is AmmoSeek ? Is Ammoseek Not Working or Down?

The following are the details about Ammoseek below or you can visit the official website.

How many years are you in the business? When did it begin?

Community was introduced in 2009, and “authorized” in February 2010 with no more than 20 retailers. The list now includes 120 retailers.

What are the services that AmmoSeek can it provide?

This is an online store, which sells all sorts of ammunition and guns related merchandise. Apart from the search for a comparison shop, we offer a variety of value-added features available to registered users. Users who are registered can save custom searches and create price alerts per round. For example, if I wanted to purchase some 22lr at $6 cents for around, and not a copper more, I could search the 22lr and save the search to my account, with the threshold set at 6 cents. 

I will then save my email address and my mobile number. If particular results (or products) are in line with that threshold, I’ll receive an email as well as an SMS message informing me. I’ll then speed up to the store and purchase the product at the price I want. AmmoSeek puts you as the customer in a reputable website for finding the best prices for exactly the items they’re searching for. Also find the Best Smihub Alternatives You Can Use In 2022.

What inspired you to start AmmoSeek?

Marc & Mike had recently attended their first gun shooting class. They also purchased their primary firearms. Marc bought the Springfield XDM 9mm. Mike purchased a Springfield XDM 40S&W. Since Marc isn’t planning on leaving his home at any time, he began searching the internet for retailers with 9mm ammunition on their premises for sale at reasonable prices and in stock for shipment. The new headquarters of the White House produced fear within the gun community, causing demand for ammo to rise and the supply of ammo to drop. The result was that prices started to rise. It was extremely difficult to find 9mm ammunition (and numerous other calibers) available at online stores (much more at a reasonable price).

After being frustrated for hours, going from one website to the next only to find that most items are sold already, Marc was convinced that it was nice to have an automated method of providing users with a list of shops that carry ammunition in stock. He pitched the idea to Mike, and they both put their heads together, and then AmmoSeek.com was born.

What makes AmmoSeek more effective than other companies that may provide a similar service?

We’re currently offering a few things (and many more to come) that make us distinct from and “greater” than other comparable websites. We have more than 120 retailers and have more than 350 calibers listed on our list for starters. A lot of other websites are limited in calibers or retailers. Our results are up to date practically every second of the day. We are proud to have the most up-to-date information available.

In addition, we provide the shipping cost score for every retailer. Because it’s impossible to give exact shipping costs, we use our algorithm to calculate each retailer’s shipping and handling cost about their competitors. We then use this information to provide a rating for each result. We also permit AmmoSeekers to filter their search results based on this number. For instance, if I want to avoid the cost of shipping, I can instruct AmmoSeek to show me results from retailers with an average rating for their customers or less.

What things have you appreciated the most about your first experience with AmmoSeek?

There are more than enough to mention. Head, the ability to collaborate with someone has been a friend to for over a quarter of a century is truly unique. In addition, hearing the good feedback, we receive almost every day from AmmoSeekers across all of the US (and Canada) truly motivates us to keep striving to make AmmoSeek the best tool available. Understanding that what we created from scratch is utilized by thousands of frames each day brings immense pleasure.

What’s the next major item you’re doing? Should you be able to share it with us?

We generally don’t want to make announcements about “big” things ahead of time, but we’re continuously working on new items. One thing to consider is that we’re working together with our mobile app developer to incorporate certain of the features previously added to the website and into the mobile application for both Android and Apple iOS. The site will continue to receive rich new features, and later it will be rolled out to mobile applications versions. Also, check out Ammoseek.


Thank you, Marc and Mike, for taking the time to sit down and answer our queries. If you’re in search of specific calibers of ammunition at reasonable prices, go to AmmoSeek.com and download the app to access AmmoSeek anytime you like!

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